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Stewart X9 Follow/Remote Control Golf Caddy

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  • Stewart X9 Lithium Follow - black - front side view
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  • Stewart X9 Lithium Follow (Black) - Front View
  • Stewart X9 Lithium Follow - silver - folding view
  • Stewart X9 Lithium Follow (Silver) - Rear View
  • Stewart X9 Lithium Follow (Black) - Rear Side View
  • Stewart X9 Lithium Follow (Silver) - Folded Side View
  • Stewart X7 Lithium (Black) - Folded Back View
  • Stewart X9 Lithium Follow - Folding View
  • Stewart X9 Lithium Follow (Racine Green) - Back View
  • Stewart X9 Lithium Follow is Available in Metallic Silver, Pearlescent White, Metallic Black and a Metallic Racing Green
  • Stewart X9 Lithium (Pearlescent White) - Back View
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  • Stewart X9  Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley - Rain Cover
  • Stewart X9 Follow Control Electric Golf Trolley - Rain Cover
  • Stewart X9 Follow Signature Remote Golf Trolley - Red Carbon Fibre Color (special order)
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  • Stewart X9 Follow Signature Remote Golf Trolley - Black Carbon Fibre Color (special order)

Stewart X9 Follow/Remote Control Golf Caddy

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Product Description

Stewart X9 Lithium Follow Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy Trolley

For a limited time, we are offering the 2018 Stewart X9 Lithium Follow, with scorecard holder and remote skin, for $2,995.00 (MSRP - $3,495.00), and Stewart X9 Follow Signature Range Model for $3,595.00 (MSRP - $4,095.00) with FREE SHIPPING to all U.S. customers (excluding AK and HI - we currently do not ship to AK and HI).  Includes Remote, Battery and Charger.  SPECIAL PROMOTION:   For orders placed on or before 5/28, we will include FREE ACCESSORIES including options for FREE upgrade to the Ultra Extended 30Ah Lithium Battery (currently on back order until end of May):  Select from: Universal GPS/Device Holder, Travel Bag, Insulated Cooler Bag, Umbrella HolderRain Cover, Drink Holder, Ultra Extended 30Ah Lithium Battery - (Over $200.00 Value - ABSOLUTELY FREE!!). The main difference between the X9 Follow and the X9 Follow (Signature Range model) is the color.




(Over $200.00 VALUE - ABSOLUTELY FREE!!).

 Travel Bag l GPS Holder l Umbrella Holder l Rain Cover l Cooler Bag l Drink Holder l Ultra Battery



1. Light-Weight Frame (31.3 lbs)

2. Follow you option and remote control mode

3. Lithium Ion Battery

4. Dependable and Stylish

5. Status Symbol

6. Bluetooth technology transfers signal instantly for smoother control

7. 2-year warranty on the cart and lithium battery

The X9 Follow is the latest generation of the multi-award winning X-Series from Stewart Golf. Originally launched in 2003 as the X1 Remote, the X-Series is recognised as one of the worlds finest remote controlled machines.

The X9 Follow is specifically designed as a Follow golf trolley, but as well as its “Follow” mode, the X9 Follow also comes with full remote control functionality that existing customers will be familiar with.

2018 Stewart X9 Follow Features:
  • Follow you mode + Forward, left, right & reverse controls
  • 2 x 190W Motors
  • 50m range with safety cut out.
  • 12v Lithium battery pack complete with soft case.
  • Multi-function handle with scorecard & ball holder.
  • Folded Size: 32 inches (L), 12 in (w), 26 in (l)
  • X9 Remote Weight: 14.2kg
  • Battery Weight: 31 lbs
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Accessories included: remote skin and scorecard holder
The new X9 Lithium Follow differs visually from the previous X7 Lithium only by the badge on the back of the machine and the removal of the aerial - the real differences are where you can't see them. Based on the same electronics system as the groundbreaking X9 Follow announced in April of 2015 the new X9 Remote uses the latest in Bluetooth technology to connect the machine to the compact handset.

The accuracy of the new Bluetooth communications system has allowed engineers at Stewart Golf to refine the remote steering even further. Coupled with the increased traction that the new V3 wheels provide, the X9 Remote is now smoother and more responsive than ever.

X9 Lithium Follow Standard Colors
The X9 Remote is available in Metallic Silver, Pearlescent White and Metallic Black. 


X9 Follow Signature Range Models (New Colors Available - Special Order Only from the U.K. - 8 to 10 weeks lead time - once ordered, no cancelations/refunds)

Electronics and Motors:


  • British Made
  • Power: 2 x 190 watts 
  • Speed: 1500-1800 rpm
  • Ferrite Magnets
  • Single piece steel body 
  • Aluminium end casings
  • Replaceable carbon brushes

Dimensions and Weight:

Height: 12 inches
Width: 26 inches
Length: 32 inches

X9 Follow: 31 lbs
Battery & Charger: 5.5 lbs


  • British Made
  • 25:1 Ratio
  • Sealed for life
  • Steel worm shaft
  • CNC machined aluminium housing
  • Cushioned 3-piece coupling
  • Steel output shaft with 2 ball-bearings
  • 4 way drive

X Series Lithium Battery The new Lithium Phosphate battery has been developed as a true 12V battery, which means that it can be used in any X Series (X1, X3,  X5 or X7). There are no electronics changes or adjustments necessary; you can just start using the new Lithium battery as a direct replacement. 

The battery is protected by a sophisticated battery management system that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the battery is always optimised for best performance and life. It is supplied with complete with battery lead and protective neoprene case. It is also supplied with a specially developed battery charger which will help keep the battery in top condition.

We only collect taxes from Nevada residents on the purchase of the Stewart Remote Control Golf Trolley and your order usually ships within 1-2 business days of receipt of payment.

The compact handset allows you to move the machine forwards, reverse, faster, slower, left and right from up to 50 yards away. You can also program up to 4 walking speeds in to the handset, designed to allow the X9 Remote to resume your ideal speed at the touch of a single button.

By removing the stress and strain of having to constantly lift or push / pull your clubs your muscle activtiy when using a remote controlled trolley will be reduced. As a result your muscles will fatique slower as they are not being used as regulalry meaning you have a better chance of maintaining higher levels of performance on the golf for longer periods of time. This hypothesis supports our recent survey results, which found that customers who previously carried their golf clubs and have now switched to using a Stewart Golf trolley, have improved their golf game handicap on average by 3.6 strokes.  

Bluetooth Technology

The X9 Follow uses the very latest in Bluetooth technology, as built into billions of products all over the world. Bluetooth provides an extremely stable platform from which to send and receive signals from the trolley to the handset.

Each X9 Follow comes with a handset already 'paired' to one another, meaning that you only have to turn them both on and they will connect automatically. Once the connection is made, it remains connected for the duration of your round. This means that signals are sent instantly and reliably, you won't be waiting for a connection every time.

Rechargeable Lithium Handset

Another convenient feature of the X9 Follow is the new rechargeable handset.

Our engineers have kept the same compact handset case, but integrated a large lithium battery. This is charged via a new port on the right hand side (a charger is supplied). Whilst we recommend that the handset is charged after every round, the lithium battery means that you won't have to replace the handset battery for many years.

Complete Remote Functionality

The X9 Follow also has complete remote control functionality, similar to previous X Series models. This is ideal for when you find yourself in the rough, or when you reach the green and want to send your X9 Follow to the next tee.

From up to 50m you can speed the machine up and down, steer it left or right and stop it using either the orange 'glide stop' or red 'emergency stop' buttons. If you prefer to have the machine in front of you sometimes, you have the option of setting two 'cruise control' speeds to suit your walking pace.

Downhill Braking

The X9 Follow will automatically apply a braking force if you slow your pace when going down a hill.

Integrated Stabiliser

The X Series chassis has been proven to be the most stable on the market after more than a decade of use since the original X1.

As well as a wide rear wheelbase and twin front wheels, the chassis also contains an integrated stabiliser. Should the X9 Follow tip backwards when travelling up hill, it will 'bounce' on the stabiliser until it makes it back on to all 4 wheels. If the ground is damp or wet, the rear wheels may lose traction and you may need to assist from the handle.

V3 Wheel Set

The X9 Follow is supplied as standard with the V3 wheel set.

These wheels were created with the X9 Follow in mind; the lateral tread pattern generating excellent levels of grip that allow the X9 Follow's electronics system to make very fine steering adjustments.

When compared to the previous alloy wheel design, the V3 rear wheels have a flatter profile which increase stability dramatically. Additionally as a set of 4 wheels, weight has been reduced by 30% which increases efficiency and therefore battery life.


Other Features

The X9 Follow comes complete with the whole host of other features including:

• Towel Clip
• Scorecard Holder & Pencil Clip
• Three golf ball holders
• Four tee holders
• Unique serial number plaque
• Adjustable handset cradle
• Integrated rear stabiliser
• Lithium Battery & Charger
• Anti-rotation bag straps
• Quick release strap handles


Golf Monthly Test the Stewart Golf X9 Follow

How many holes will a battery last?
The problem with the question is that 18 holes is not a reliable measurement, more a 'how long is a piece of string' sort of question. 18 holes can mean 5000 yards on a flat course with a light bag, or 8500 yards on a very hilly course on a wet day with 500 yard walk between holes and a fully loaded golf bag. The battery supplied with your Stewart is guaranteed to last for 18 holes in a 'worst case' scenario as described above. We know from our own experience (and those of our customers) that it is wholly possible that you can complete more than 18 holes with your battery (over 36 in some cases), however if you regularly play more than 18 holes in one day then we recommend that you purchase an additional battery.
There are lots of ways that you can conserve battery power on the golf course:
* Try to drive the trolley in as straight a line as possible and don't 'zig-zag' up the fairways.
* Use as light a bag as possible.
* If you are playing a long days golf and only have one battery, you can save a significant amount of energy by using the steering function sparingly and instead steering the Stewart like a conventional trolley by using the handle.
* Don't let the Stewart 'drag' you up hills as this will increase power consumption.
* Try to keep the Stewart on the short grass of a fairway, rather than the longer grass of the rough.


Q: Can you make the trolley go in front rather than behind?
A: No. When you lead, the patent-pending electronics system within the X9 Follow knows where you (or more accurately, the handset) is, and therefore where to go. If the trolley was in front of you, how would it know where to go next?

Q: What happens if you walk too close to a lake/bunker/edge of a bridge.
A: The X9 Follow does not have any external sensors to look for danger, so there is every chance it could get wet/sandy/damaged if used inappropriately. When you're out on the golf course, it's up to you to choose whether to steer manually using the handle, use the remote control function or the follow mode. It's a bit like using cruise control on your car. It's perfect for a motorway but not so useful in town or a car park. Ultimately you are in control of the machine.

Q: Why does the handset need to go on my back pocket or belt?
A: The X9 Follow's control system follows the handset, not the golfer. If the handset is kept in the golfer's hand or placed in a front pocket, it's motion swings back and forth. This 'back & forth' motion will cause the X9 Follow to accelerate and brake accordingly. If the handset is on a back pocket or belt, it's motion will be smoother, and therefore the X9 Follow's motion will be smoother.

Q: Will the X9 Follow keep up if I run?
A: As shown in the video, the 'Active Zone' has a radius of about 5m. The X9 Follow has a top speed of approximately 6mph, so if you run faster than that you will eventually leave the 'Active Zone' and the X9 Follow will stop as it does not know where to go next.

Q: Is there an app that I can use to control the X9 Follow?
A: Because of the use of Bluetooth technology, it is possible to design a smartphone app to control the X9 Follow. However at the moment, one does not exist.

Q: Can I activate the follow mode from 50m and have the X9 Follow find me?
A: No, you can only activate the follow mode from inside the Neutral Zone.

Q: Will the battery last for 36 holes?
A: The battery for the X9 Follow is guaranteed for 18 holes, and in many cases will do many more.

We are not able to guarantee any battery for 36 holes for the following reasons:
• 18 holes of golf is not a finite measurement. There can be a difference of several miles from a short to a long course (taking the distance between green and tee in to account too).
• Terrain, ground condition, bag weight, and a number of other factors can make a big difference. Imagine running along a flat concrete road as opposed to up a steep sand dune & you'll get the idea.
• The quality of the golf also affects how far you walk. A golfer shooting 65 will walk a lot less than a golfer shooting 110 and zig-zagging up the fairways! This scenario would also see the steering being used more, which also consumes more power.

Many customers have completed 36 holes with their trolleys on a single charge, however if you play 36 on a regular basis we recommend that you purchase an additional battery pack.


Remote (R) / Non-Remote (N):
Folded Dimensions ( L x W x H ):
Cart Weight:
31.3 lbs
Standard Battery Duration:
18 Holes
Standard Battery Weight:
5.5 lbs
Battery Type:
12V 22Ah Lithium
2 x 190 Watt
Cart Limited Warranty:
2 years
Battery & Charger Warranty:
1 year
Rear Anti-Tip:
Remote Capabilities:
F, R, L, Reverse
Available Accessories:
Stewart golf tour bag, Personalized plaque, Additional battery
Off Power Free wheeling Mode:
Y, release tires from motor
Titanium alloy wheels, Rubber
Made in:
Available Colors:
Black, Silver, White

Warranty Information

Any warranty covering products sold by Motogolf.com is the warranty provided by the manufacture of those products. We have provided their warranty information below for your convenience:


Motogolf.com wants to make sure all customers are happy with their purchase. For that reason, you may return any of our items for a refund less Up to 30% restocking fee. This charge covers the fee charged by the logistics company for checking and restocking of the returned product. Also included in this charge is the original shipping cost by Federal Express or UPS, and credit card processing charges charged by the credit card processing company on both the original debit charge and the subsequent credit payment. The items must be returned within 15-30 days of purchase and the items must be in new condition with all factory packaging and literature in its original condition. If the items show obvious sign of use it will not be accepted and no refund will be issued. The items must be post-marked no later than 15-30 days from order date. No exceptions. You MUST contact us via email or telephone prior to returning any product. Many of our products are returned directly to our manufacturer, not to us. If any these items is returned to us, it maybe forwarded to the manufacturer at your expense. Most items we sell have warranties from the manufacturer, so after 15-30 days you should deal directly with them. Please contact the manufacturer via telephone or email. We do not act as agents on their behalf. The manufacturer will not be able to issue a full refund since they never received the full retail price. Any refund beyond the dealer’s return policy will be at their full discretion.

Whilst we work tirelessly to ensure that there are no problems with our products, as with all things mechanical, sometimes they can go wrong.

Should you suffer any problems caused by faulty materials or workmanship with your X9 Lithium Follow Golf Carts within the 2 year warranty period then all you have to do is call us.

Full warranty terms and conditions are of course supplied with the X9 Lithium Follow Remote Control Golf Cart.

What is the return policy at Golf Sellers Direct?
Product may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, less credit card fees and shipping and handling if the below criteria have been met:
Product must be in original package unused
Product is returned at customer’s expense
Customer provides proof of purchase
If Golf Sellers Direct determines that the product has been used there will be an additional 25% restocking fee
Once the product has been returned to Golf Sellers Direct we will determine if the above criteria have been met. At that time a refund will be issued minus any fees incurred.
Golf Sellers Direct is not responsible for any damages to the product during return shipping.
Any product not offered by Golf Sellers Direct, and is special ordered, is not returnable.
No returns after 30 days of purchase

Please contact Golf Sellers Direct for any issues related to Stewart Golf Carts:

425 N. Industrial Dr. #103
Naperville, IL 60563
(800) 337-7692

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Product Reviews

  • Follow Feature is Awesome!

    Posted by John - San Diego, CA on 30th Apr 2017

    I've had the Stewart X9 Follow for about 3 months now and have truly enjoyed it. The Follow feature is fantastic. I really enjoy walking but was getting exhausted after about 13 holes. With the Stewart X9 Follow, I can go a whole round and still have energy left. I love walking down the fairway and not having to push the cart uphill. When I get to my ball, I just put the remote control on the caddy and hit my ball. Then I just grab my remote and start walking again. It's really made my golf much more enjoyable. When I reach the green, I usually grab my putter and use the remote control function to move my cart near the next tee box. Then when I finish putting, I just walk over to the next hole. I highly recommend this cart!

  • Best golf related purchase in a long time

    Posted by Happy in South Carolina on 1st May 2016

    I've had my X9 follow around a month and have used it through 7 rounds. It has made golf even more enjoyable and is very easy to use. I play on a hilly course and it does fine up and down hills on cruise or follow modes. It's internal automatic breaking walking in front of it downhill on follow mode is awesome. It functions great and looks really sleek, high end. I was worried that its use would distract me, negatively affecting my game and time on the course with my friends. But that is simply not the case and is actually the opposite. I haven't tested how many holes it will go on one full charge, but I don't usually walk more than 18 holes in a day anyway. I walk 5.2 miles for 18 holes at my course with plenty of hills and it has no problems as far as function and battery life. It gets a lot of attention (some envious!) at my club. I definitely recommend adhering to the manual's suggestions on when and when not to use to the follow me feature mainly for good care and optimal on course performance of the trolley.
    Cons: Price, especially when compared to other similar feature trolleys. Accessories are also pricey. Although it fits easily in my 4 door sedan trunk, it's bulkier when folded down for transport compared to others. With only 7 rounds in, the tire tread shows minimal wear already.
    Overall, despite the hefty price, it is well worth it. I've seen other trolleys in person, some with the follow feature, all were less expensive; and I'm glad I bought Stewart and would do it again. Some owners of other trolleys that I've spoken to have had stability, performance, and reliability issues. None of those trolleys look as good or seem to perform as well (at least 1 month in) as the X9. I had 2 owners of different trolleys admit they would've bought Stewart but wanted to spend less. This is an example of "you get what you pay for".

  • Walking Golf Fun

    Posted by Holly (McDonough, GA) on 8th Feb 2016

    I purchased the Stewart X9 Follow recently, golf is fun again. I love walking but carrying a bag was too hard and pushing a cart was tedious. Both my husband and I now walk the course, such fun together!!

  • My Handicap index dropped from 18.3 to 13.8...

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Oct 2015

    I purchased the Stewart X9 Lithium Follow about a year ago.
    I did not begin playing golf more than a few time a year until I retired and I had never walked a course.
    With two new knees and the need for exercise, I bought the XIX, which I call “Mattie the Caddie”.
    Mattie has created a new problem at our club, it’s call “cart envy”, from the comments I hear, he will not be alone on the fairways here in SC much longer.
    What I like about the XIX is the simplicity of it’s operation, nothing about it takes away for the game of golf, only adds to it’s pleasure.
    From the time you make your shot, all you are thinking about as you walk up the fairway is how to play the next shot.
    I can play 18 holes much faster than using a cart and my handicap index as dropped from 18.3 to 13.8, I think that is all due to the time to concentrate on shot selection.
    I don’t know how Stewart could have improved on the XIX’s design, ease of operation or mechanics.
    The good walk is no longer spoiled.

    R. David Mauk
    Hilton Head Island, SC

  • Absolute Best Golf Purchase I have made in 20 years....

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2015

    Dear Motogolf,

    The purchase of my Stewart X9 Follow is by far, the absolute best golf purchase I have made in my 20 years of playing golf.

    I play between 3 and 4 times per week and end up walking, with a high end push cart, one maybe two times during that period, mainly because

    the course I play is very demanding and hilly. Even with the push cart it was tiresome.

    With the Stewart X9 Follow, what a difference!! I've played 6 times since my purchase of the X9 Follow and have walked all 6 times, with no degree

    of fatigue at all. Break in period to get adjusted to the X9 took about 30 seconds. This trolly is phenomenal!! Needless to say I am the envy of my golf course.

    Thank you Stewart Golf for designing and building one awesome machine.

    Tom Marzullo

  • Best golfing experience ever

    Posted by R David Mauk on 7th Dec 2014

    Better than a caddie, the fun of a drone between shots. No longer is the "good walk" spoiled.