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Bat Caddy

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Lead Acid-Based Batteries

Lead-acid batteries were the first technology on the market. They are larger, heavier, and have a shorter life span than Lithium batteries. Bat Caddy is one of the few Caddy manufacturers to still offer them because they believe that it is important to have a lower priced option, giving their customers the ability to walk the course without being forced to spend the extra money on a Lithium Battery.

Bat Caddy's 12V 36Ah SLA acid-based battery weighs 25lbs, and when used on a trolley with two motors will last for roughly 18-27 holes per charge. It has an average overall lifetime of somewhere between 100 and 150 charge cycles.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Battery is the lightest most compact battery. This is because Lithium batteries create substantially more energy in a reduced space compared to SLA Batteries.

Lithium Batteries are also able to use more of the available power in the battery itself. This is because a Lithium-Ion battery loses voltage much slower that an SLA battery. Once the battery voltage falls below the motors power needs, the motors will stop regardless of how much energy is left in the battery.

Lithium-ion batteries can also function at a much greater temperature range then SLA batteries and will function much closer to full potential when the temperature is colder or hotter than median operating temperatures.

At less than 5lbs, Bat Caddy's Lithium-Ion batteries charge much faster than an SLA battery and have an overall average lifetime of 400+ charges.

Lithium-FePO4 Batteries

The most advanced battery technology! Lithium-FePO4 batteries are designed for the long-haul. With all the advantages of our standard Li-Ion battery, the Li-FePO4 battery adds more than double the average lifespan! Offering an overall average lifetime of 1000+ charges, and at only 7lbs, this battery is designed for not only the avid golfer, but anyone looking to get the most golf for their battery money. This battery also comes with a matched Smart Charger, further extending the batteries life through precision charging