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Golf Caddy Customer Testimonials

Our Remote Control Carts have been sold for many years all over the world and our fleet is now many thousand units strong. Here we would like to share some unfiltered opinions of some of our customers about our electric golf caddy products and their experience dealing with our company:


Very impressed and pleased

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015

Milt (verified owner) – September 30, 2015:

I had read all the reviews before I purchased the GRX 1200 R. I’m writing this review after I just finished putting it together. It was quite simple to assemble and worked on the first try. Like other reviews I am impressed with how well it is made. The attachments are well designed and made also. I had a bagboy swivel cart which is not as well made. An example of the difference is the umbrella holder. The wind would pull my umbrella out of the holder, but the holder on this cart has a turn knob to clamp the umbrella in place. I won’t need to hold on to it as I walk. I bought the seat and again found it sturdier then the one I had on the bagboy. It also has a storage compartment that I placed the tool kit that was provided for assembly. No need to buy tools, all that are needed are provided. I knew in advance that this would be a solid purchase because I talked to an owner, that was using one at my course, about his I didn’t know him because he was from another course. No one at my course has a remote controlled cart. He has had his for 3 years and loves it. He showed me how it worked and let me examine it after his round. I would have waited to write this review, but tomorrow they will be drawing for a bag for the cart and I wanted to get in on the drawing. I’ll write more later after I get to play with it for a while, but I’m very impressed and pleased as of now!

Very satisfied

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015

Joel E – September 28, 2015:

I am very satisfied with the cart. It is very sturdy and the components are of the highest quality. I have played several rounds and the cart handles my heavy tour bag with no problems. The battery recharges quickly and the remote is very responsive to the unit. I haven’t used any of the programming functions yet and will try to figure out how to go from stop to walking pace without having to continually hit the button to find the right speed. Hills are no problem (up or down) and I really appreciate the anti tip wheel on the back. Make sure you turn off the remote if you put it in your pocket as the cart can be activated with a slight touch of a button.

I will recommend it to my other golfing friends

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015

Gene Frazier – September 28, 2015:

I have only used my new cart twice since I purchased it. Took me a little while to get use to it . First it would not respond to the remote properly. After reading the owners manual I found out that the batteries may need changing. Once they were replaced this cart really performs well and I am very very satisfied with my purchase. I will recommend it to my other golfing friends.

Great Product

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015

Dwight Eirich – September 13, 2015:

I’ve had this cart for about a week and I’ve played two rounds of golf with it. I really like this cart a lot. I have had a Kangaroo cart in the past and it was big, heavy, and hard to control. The GRX-1200R is lightweight, it has good battery life and it is easy to handle. The factory settings are just right for me at this point. I highly recommend this cart for anybody who is looking to not carry their bag anymore. Great product.

Five Stars

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015

James Jackson (verified owner) – September 5, 2015:

five stars. just used my carttek 1200R for the first time and loved it. I had no problems learning how to use it, and the remote.
it sure beats lugging a bag in 90 degree weather


Took me 10 minutes to put it together

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015

Brian – August 26, 2015:

I bought my GRX-1200R this past week. It literally took me 10 – min to put it together. It was seriously a snap. I did have to change the AAA batteries in the remote because it’s switch was on; but if that’s the only thing I have to complain about… you can figure out why I gave it a top rating. I did a lot of practice in my backyard preparing for my home course (very hilly and steep course). Took it out and it performed outstanding, practice paid off and did not take me out of my game worrying about where it was going. It also helped me out in the manual mode to get up the last two holes where the climbs are the steepest. I can now walk up these hills without jumping in one of my buddies carts and dragging my push cart with one hand behind us. Wish I didn’t wait so long to get one of these.

Love it

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015

Linda Massa – June 25, 2015:

Bought the Cartek about a month ago. Love it. Had some issues due to “user” problems.. However, once I figured it out, it’s wonderful. Have used an electric cart without remote for many years and figured I deserved one with remote this time. This cart is very sturdy, very user friendly and gives me a good walk with my golf game. I would recommend it highly. The price is very good for a remote control cart.

Best Cart for walking and playing

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015

Dave Bell – May 26, 2015:

Hi, I got my carttek GRX-1200R about a month ago,BEST GOLF CART FOR WALKING AND PLAYING GOLF. I am 75 yao, I call my GRX-1200R a GOLF CADDY,( IT SHOWS UP, IT KEEPS UP, AND IT SHUTS UP) can’t beat that. The golf courses in the Hudson Valley are very hilly, my GRX-1200Rhas no problem climbing over the hills. Call DICK company rep. GREAT GUY very helpful. Dave, Newburgh N.Y.

Customer service is excellent at Cart Tek

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015

Richard – May 25, 2015:

After doing extensive research online and comparing price, reviews, features, I finally decided to invest in CartTeks’s 1200-R. I have had this cart for a year now and I play rounds of golf during all seasons besides winter due to snow, so I have a 3-4 months break in the year but when the weather is acceptable I play 3-4 times a week. I recently had an issue where I could not get through a round of 18 holes, I called CartTek’s customer service and Mark told me that I might have a motherboard issue (which in my opinion will happen to any machine over time), he sent one immediately over without question or hassle. He also sent me a instructional email on how to replace the motherboard and now my golf cart is running smoothly. The product is a solid machine but the customer service that I have been provided over the past year has been excellent. On a side note, my umbrella holder broke, which in my opinion, isn’t the best of design but they sent a replacement free of charge. If you were unsure about which cart to go with, CartTek’s customer service should convince you to invest with them, they are in the business of satisfying their customers. I am usually not the type to spend time on writing a review, as this review is a year old, but after excellent service, I wanted to promote their brand by showing my appreciation. Thank you CartTek, I am a very satisfied customer.

GRX 1200R likes the hilly courses as much as the flat ones
Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015
Gregg Bonfiglio – April 1, 2015:

In reading the reviews I think I might be the youngest of the CartTek Owners at 2 weeks shy of 50. After doing a great deal of research and one final call to sales, I decided that it was going to be the CartTek 1200R for me. I have 4 bugled disc in my back from 11 years of playing Goalie in Hockey here in Southern California, believe it or not golfing with a pendulum swing helps my back. But as I learned jumping in and out of the Cart or pushing a standard caddy was messing my back up.. Plus I put on 80 lbs after I stopped playing so walking was/is getting me back to my playing weight. I have used the cart now 10 rounds on both flat and very hilly courses. Obviously I enjoy the flat courses myself but the 1200 likes the hilly course as much as the flat ones.

The cart has performed extremely well, the turning radius is crazy tight. The ability to adjust the speed is great, I feel the heavier battery actually makes it extremely stable. Having the back drag wheel keeps it from flipping over on the crazy Southern California hills. I am still waiting for the optional beer dispenser to be designed, but for now the water bottle holder works just fine.

I did have one issue that was more of my fault, a “guy moment” if you would, the cart was tracking about 10 degrees to the right constantly for the last 3 rounds. If I would have read the owner’s manual better I would have seen the way to sync the two engines and it would have been a 30 second fix. Instead I focused on the pictures and tried adjusting the front wheel. Yes my fiancé did read the manual and told me to reset the trim on using the remote.

I really do love this product, I was a big RC car guy growing up. So now I get to Play golf and Race and RC Cart at the same time. My buddies are not happy because I am a bit of a goofball and have a tendency to drive the cart right across the tee box just when they are swinging… Oh one final thing….Course Marshalls can get angry when you drive the cart across the green so don’t do it, even if you are chasing the geese off the greens!!! Enjoy your purchase and enjoy your round.

Very pleased

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015
Jim Petersen – March 18, 2015:

I am a new user of the 1200R and very pleased with the operation. It is very stable, turns easily and tracks very well. I have called for suggestions on using the remote and everyone I talk to is helpful. It is made very well and my buddies are impressed with the quality. I expect this cart will last a long time and be a great help to my walking courses. I am recommending Carttek as a company to everyone.

Did everything that was advertised Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015
mike g – March 18, 2015:

got my 1200 R Monday used it Tuesday it performed really well did everything that was advertised played with my usual four some one just brought a 2500 hundred dollar electric cart that did not turn as well and did not have a reverse. I think he liked the 1200R better said that I had made a good choice. I think so too. would recommend the 1200R I am really pleased with my purchase.

Great Service

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015
E. Wallace – March 11, 2015:

I have been using a remote controlled cart since 2008. My only other cart was an MGI/Bag boy Navigator. The Cadillac brand(supposedly). When after 2 years the buttons on the remote started to fail a new remote was $400. When the plastic front end fell apart it was $150.00. The service center was unhelpful although apologetic about the price gouging.

In looking for a new cart two things were most important: reasonable replacement parts (stuff breaks) and good service. In reviewing Cart Tek I read nothing but glowing reviews regarding service and my own experience bears that out. I looked into the price of a new remote because I use my cart a ton, and mechanical buttons do wear out, a very reasonable $60.00.

I was concerned because the Cart Tek cart lack the gps locking function. What I found was when using the Navigator, if I tried to change it’s course by hand, because the remote was not handy, my shoulder would be wrenched as the cart fought me to stay on path. I have found the maneuverability of the Cart Tek cart to be of greater benefit and ease of use and the lack of a locking gps not detrimental.

Embarrassingly, my Navigator was in the a few ponds because I would accidentally hit a button while on the green. The on/off switch on the back of the Cart Tek remote allows me to put the remote in my pocket, while on the green without fearing butt clicking my cart into a pond.

After seeing my cart two others at my course have ordered them and I expect more to follow.

You will be extremely happy with your Cart Tek purchase, I’m not an easy customer to please and I don’t give 5 stars lightly.

Handles hilly terrain and heavy bag great Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015

5 out of 5

Mark G – March 9, 2015:

I walked 54 holes last weekend with this cart and it works like a champ. Handles hilly terrain and heavy bag great. A lot of jealous inquires as well. I’ve had other remote electric carts and this on is hands down the best I’ve had.

Well balanced review

Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2015
Michael M. – March 2, 2015:

I waited until I played a dozen or so rounds with my new Cart Tek GRX 1200-R before writing this review. Previously, I’ve owned an ancient PowaCaddy and a seasoned HillBilly, neither of which had remote capabilities. I had good results with both, and upgraded to get the remote capabilities of the 1200-R. Overall, I’d give the Cart Tek GRX 1200-R three and a half stars, so I rounded up to four stars because of their very responsive customer service. I use the cart on at Stanford Golf Course in California, which is moderate hilly.
– The cart came well packaged and was easy to assemble. It is VERY solidly built, as are the accessories. Nothing cheap or flimsy on the product!
– It folds and stores nicely, although it is quite heavy. An older, smaller person might be better off with one of the newer, lighter models.
– The motors are powerful and the battery is strong. The cart easily climbs the steepest hills at our course. The cart is plenty fast, too.
– The battery-operated remote is easy to learn and use, and the (adjustable) pre-settings make it easy to get the cart to the right speed for the varying terrain.
– The cart operates fine in the rain. I got caught in a couple of massive downpours and the cart ran like a champ with no issues. The see-through plastic coating on the remote controls bubbled up permanently, but otherwise all worked fine, including the umbrella holder on the cart.
– Customer service is great. Someone helpful always answers the phone or responds to emails, which is getting more and more unusual these days.
CONS, or areas for improvement,
– The bag holder is pretty generic and the bag tie-down are elastic cables. As a result, the golf bag is not secured tightly in the cart and it shifts around as the cart runs over bumpy terrain. This, unfortunately, messes up the tracking and the cart runs off in the wrong direction. I’d greatly appreciate a way to secure my bag in one place so it does not shift during play. I will try adding adjustable straps and cushioning on the frame to see if this helps.
– The “tracking” drove me nuts for several rounds, partly due to the bag shifting during play. The cart is very sensitive to bag positioning. In any event, I spent a lot of time reading the manual and adjusting the tracking. It is ok now, but I frequently have to re-adjust my bag during play to reduce the cart’s tendency to veer right or left of my intended line.
– When the cart is rolling along by the pull of gravity and the motors are not on, if I turn the motor on when I hit a flatter spot, the cart actually stops before the motors can engage – meaning I typically walk into the cart handle. My previous carts from PowaCaddy and HillBilly kept rolling when I engaged the motor. Not sure why this has to be.
– The dial (potentiometer) on the handle that sets the speed is a bit awkward to use. When I turn the dial from a dead stop, there is a one to two second pause before the motors start. Also, the dial is not linear, so I have to turn it about ¾ of the way around to get to a decent speed. I never noticed this issue with my previous carts. I am getting used to this.
– The motors can be a bit noisy. This is not consistent, so I wonder if this can be corrected. Occasionally it makes a whir-whir-whir noise that comes and goes. There also is a noise that sounds like a chain rubbing/grinding on metal that occurs frequently (but not always). The noise bothers me, so I often send the cart well ahead of me and my group. This cart is louder than my previous carts, but I realize it has two motors instead of one.
Overall, the cart is a solid, powerful, and responsive product that definitely gets the job done. I am happy to have it, and will keep using it. If I had it to do over, I might be tempted to buy the newer, lighter, more expensive models that are easier to maneuver manually. I read a lot of reviews of some of the competitor’s carts and many people complained that those were not well-made. The 1200-R is very well made.

Can't wait to use my cart....

Posted by K Lee – Mesa, AZ on 1st Mar 2015
February 18, 2015:

Had some wiring issues with my 1200R. After talking with both Dick and Mark they went way above and beyond expectations. The customer service and knowledge is second to none. They stand behind the products in every way and will do what ever they can to resolve all issues quickly. Thank you both and can’t wait to use my cart, again thank you..

I love the added pleasure and exercise....

Posted by B. Keenan on 1st Mar 2015
December 31, 2014:

I love the added pleasure and exercise that using my 1200R has brought to my enjoyment of golf. It is easy to use and the remote makes walking and managing the course very easy. Now if it could only help me with my putting!

I've been a walker for 30 years...

Posted by Frank E (verified owner) on 1st Mar 2015
December 27, 2014:

Unpacked my new GRX-1200R on Dec 24 and took it out for the first test run on Dec 26. I wondered how the caddy would handle the course which is much wetter than usual due to heavy rains for the past week or so. Turns out it was “not to worry”! The GRX-1200R easily handled some very sloppy areas on the course without slowing down or getting stuck. The wide wheels made maneuvering through through the slop and climbing steep wet hills pretty much a non issue. Handling the remote is pretty intuitive. Reaction to commands was impressive. I’ve been a walker for 30 years and I expect the GRX-1200R to keep me tracking toward another 30 or so.

This was my second season with my GRX-1200R...

Posted by Sandy K on 1st Mar 2015
December 23, 2014:
This was my second season with my GRX-1200R. I still absolutely LOVE it. It’s reliable and versatile and fun. The course I play is hilly and this cart makes every hill (easier than I can), so I’m getting my exercise, but not exhausted from pushing/pulling a cart up the hills. I would recommend everyone to get this cart; it’s the best investment I’ve made for my health and my golf game.
March 29, 2014
Totally Awesome. Used it three times now and I am totally satisfied. Product does exactly as advertised. Climbs hills quite well. Little tricky to get use to at first but quite simple to operate. Lesson learned do put anything in your pocket with the remote. You will send it on its way :) Great investment and a real eye catcher!

March 26, 2014

I like everything about my new cart. Easy to assemble and easy to use. Handles well on turns and slopes and runs quietly.

March 24, 2014

I just received my cart it run good.I would recommend it to any one looking to buy an electric cart.

March 23, 2014

Used this several times now and can say nothing but positives about my 1200R. From the ease of setup to the simplicity of programming this cart was well thought out. I really enjoy taking this on the course. This is way better than pushing/driving a cart.

March 18, 2014

Excellent! I have owned and worn out 2 other brands. Excellent ease of operation and handles the hills at my course with ease.

March 1, 2014

Have been 100 percent satisfied with my GRX1200R. My golf scores have improved, my stamina has increased, and I love more than ever walking the course, thinking about my next shot ahead of time instead of abruptly being dropped off at my ball. Hopefully more of my fellow golfers will join me in this new endeavor. Kudos to all of you for making this possible.

October 1, 2013

For the record, I am age 75 and play 18 holes of golf 5 days per week. This unit, the 1200R, is exactly what I wanted. After trying 2 other brands, I am so pleased with the 1200Rs performance. I play a very hilly course and it responds very well under adverse conditions. In navigating steep downhill inclines I keep the controller in one hand and keep tapping the reverse to slow it down and keep it from free-wheeling. So far it has worked like a charm. I feel in control and safe. Pat in Inver Grove Heights, MN

October 1, 2013

I have used the 1200R cart for 30 plus rounds. I have not had one problem. I play on a very hilly course and it works well. Some nice features to compare when looking at other carts. The GRX1200R, holds back on down hills, has 4 preset speeds plus reverse. Folds up and down easily and compact. Great cart and price. Great Service! WES D.

September 16, 2013

I've had my GRX 1200 remote control cart for about a month now and couldn't be happier with it. It has been very reliable and easy to use. People comment on how much sturdier and less "jumpy" it seems compared to its major competitor. Walking with the hands free has been so much better than pushing a cart that I can not imagine ever going back. And using a riding cart would mean sacrificing around 20 miles of walking per week, exercise that I would have a lot of trouble making up elsewhere. So the remote control trolley seems like the perfect solution and the Cart Tek 1200 is a great option for the money. Highly recommended. Kevin

September 10, 2013

I have owned two other brands, but find Cart Tek superior. Easy maneuvering; excellent product.  Thanks  Cart Tek Yo K.

September 6, 2013

Best product on the market as far as quality and customer service, the low price is not so bad either. Have had my 1200R since April 2013 and have already saved the $800 in cart fees to pay for it. Let me enjoy the game again without pushing pulling or catching rides with others.

September 6, 2013

I have the GRX1200R. The cart has plenty of power to pull up the hills and gearing to hold it back going down. It is a little havy and wanders some on sloping fairways, but it is the best cart so far for me. Dick is super to work with to take care of problems.

September 6, 2013

I have been using 1200 for past 8 weeks. Previously had an MGI Navigator for 11 years and borrowed a Bat Caddy prior to purchasing the Cart Tek. The 1200 is superior in every way; ease of operation, reliability, and overall satisfaction. In addition, I can call the company, get quick advise. Would recommend this cart and company to fellow golfers who like to walk. Walter

September 5, 2013

Before I bought the cart, I met Dick and Roben at their Store in Bend. They were very friendly and showed me how to use the remote cart. The cart was shipped and arrived safely at my place. I have been using the GRX-1200R for 6 times since I purchased it last month. It works very well as expected. I would recommend it to all my friends. Cathy in California

August 29, 2013

The product has been great, 40 plus rounds this golf season with 3 to 4 more months left to play. Best thing for golf except getting new clubs. Highly durable, well constructed and negotiates hills with ease, it even pulls me up the hills. Battery power is great. But whats better than the product itself is the customer service Dick and Cart Tek have given me. I called with some concerns and a new part was sent without question and they did everything possible to make me satisfied. I am extremely pleased with the product and the people at Cart Tek. Thanks Dick.

August 29, 2013

It is a pleasure to be free of pushing, pulling, and carrying. Almost as good as having a live caddy! Dave.

August 28, 2013

I am a 71 year old man that underwent total hip replacement 1/5/2012 and a quadruple heart bypass 3/16/2012. I love to walk while playing golf. Two weeks ago I purchased the GRX1200R and I have walked 18 holes 4 times. I am total satisfied with this GRX1200R. It is durable, efficient and lots of fun to play with. Negotiate hills; handle wet areas and all parts of the course in an efficient way. Easy to prepare for playing and easy to clean after playing. I am able to walk 18 holes and feel good after finishing. Thank you cart-tek.  Gandy in Georgia.

August 28, 2013

I love my GRX-1200R remote controlled electric golf caddy. It has been a life saver and allows me to walk erect and at a brisk pace without any strain on my back. My heart Doctor told me I am in the best shape I have been in for the last 4 years. I play 6 days a week, over 240 times last year (9 holes) and 140 time this year (9 holes) and have had no problems with this cart. The cart battery has capacity to go 27 holes and has done so several times. The course I play is a 9 hole course with rather bumpy areas between fairways so this remote golf caddy has taken a lot of bumps.  I have had no service related problems in the two years of tough use. At 79 I would be riding in a 4 wheel cart if it were not for this great electric golf caddy.  When and if this one ever wears out I will have another one in my truck as soon as it can be shipped.

Ted Mc.  Augusta KS

August 27, 2013

I play a very hilly course and with the use of the remote cart tek I am not as tired during the last holes of the round as I was before purchasing a cart tek. Overall my handicap has improved by two strokes since using the cart tek.  Walter B. New Jersey

August 27, 2013

Did some checking around and settled on the GRX1200R. Have used it 3 times so far and has worked perfectly. Plenty of power and range is excellent. Will definitely refer this to friends. Danny

August 26, 2013

Overall I am very satisfied with the Cart-tek 1200R. It is powerful and balanced and battery lasts at least two rounds on a hilly course (have not tried making it go longer) . Service by Cart-tek is EXCELLENT and prompt. (I broke my reostat knob and stem) My recommended improvements are minor and on the convenience items. I would like a clip on the card holder so I could put it on top. Pencil holder is a bit too tight. The cup holder is only big enough for cans and does not hold cups or thermos cup

August 26, 2013

The cart is sturdy, more than quick enough, stable, and responsive to remote inputs. It turns much better on turf than on paved surfaces. The non-treaded wheels are easy to clean (unlike those on my previous cart). It is a very good value. It needs a cup holder worthy of the name and the pencil holder on the plastic scorecard holder is too tight (it eats the pencil). Mine was DOA--I had to replace the power cord (from the plug on the cart into the circuit board box under the battery shelf), but once that was done (after a fair amount of trouble-shooting to figure out the problem), it has been very good. It showed a blinking red light (cart hot) as I completed nine holes on a cool evening, but it went out after about three more holes; I was surprised to see it, given the weather, but I had been running it at the top pre-set speed for most of the first nine.

August 24, 2013

CartTek GRX-1200R is an excellent golf trolley. The trolley is easy to assemble and track on the golf course. The only negative about the trolley is that the battery is very heavy. It would be nice for CartTek to engineer a battery that is less heavy.

August 24, 2013

As a female I had no trouble putting the cart together and so far I am very happy with it. One day it kept stopping on me and I discovered all I needed to do was change the batteries in the remote and then it worked fine. I hope that it continues to preform so well.

August 24, 2013

I like it a lot. I have owned it about 40 days and use it at least twice a week. It meets, and sometimes exceeds, my expectations. Have had limited need to contact company for service, but I expect it to be nothing short of great based on the comments.

August 23, 2013

Great product. I play on a hilly course and the cart handles the hills with ease. The cart fits into the trunk of my Malibu with ease.  Rick in Maine

August 23, 2013

I have owned 1 Kagaroo Caddy, 3 Sun Mountain electric carts but the GRX-1200R has been my favorite. Tracks well, lots of power and will go just about anywhere. I would recommend this cart to anyone who loves to walk the golf course. Monte

August 23, 2013

Very comfortable way to play golf. Reliable and does a great job. Will keep me walking forever! Gerry In Virgina Beach

August 23, 2013

I love the cart. It loads easily into our car. It is easy to use. However, occasionally it will just quit working. Sometimes removing the batteries from the remote and replacing again makes it work. Sometimes just pushing it for a few yards will make it work again. When it is operating properly, I would not trade it for anything.  Bill in South Carolina

August 23, 2013

I absolutely love my GRX-1200R CartTek golf cart. I was so nervous purchasing a cart I had not seen, but this is without question one of the best purchases I have ever made and worth the money. I love having the remote control. My GRX-1200R has made walking the course so easy that I now regularly play 18 holes instead of the usual 9 that I previously played. I can concentrate on my game, and I do not get exhausted from lugging my old push cart around the course. While my friends are tired and hot from lugging their clubs, I just happily walk along with my GRX-1200R.

August 23, 2013

I have had my GRX-1200R since April 2013. I use the cart 3 to 4 times a week. Excellent results so far. I have received several positive comments from fellow club members about its one piece folding frame to how the bag sits more upright than the Hillcrest Kangaroo remote control carts. The reverse and left/right turn functions are second to none.

August 23, 2013

My cart performs beautifully. My game has improved and I have time to enjoy the beauty of the course. Most importantly, however is an improvement in my endurance and my feeling of well being.

August 23, 2013

I love my CartTek, it allows me to walk any course. The speed of the cart is easily adjusted to my walking pace. Calla

August 23, 2013

I have been extremely satisfied with my Cart Tek electric cart. My course is somewhat hilly and it handles the hills very well. The only negative is that the remote uses batteries very quickly, and the stop button is in the middle of the control buttons and I have a tendency to hit the stop by accident. The case for the battery is also wearing faster than I thought it would be. With that said, It is a great cart and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Johnny

August 23, 2013

Previous to purchasing the CarTek GRX-1200R I have owned 4 different brands of remote golf caddies, all of which have had various problems and reliability issues and ended up no longer viable. None of them lasted more than two years (I play around 80 rounds a summer on a very hilly course) So far my CartTek cart has been by far the most reliable and certainly the best built. The only issue I have had has been a a failed battery of which CartTek replaced at no cost and shipped to my home in 2 days. (Oregon to Iowa!) I HIGHLY recommend the CartTek GRX- 1200R for anyone looking to bring more enjoyment to their game!  Ted in Davenport Iowa

August 23, 2013

I love my cart. It changes the game completely. I will never push again.

August 23, 2013

The 1200 has performed as expected. I had a Bat Caddt 3R prior to getting the Cart Tek1200. The Cart Tek is sturdier and out perfroms the Bat Caddy. Thanks Cart Tek!

August 23, 2013

The GRX-1200R Cart is very stable. My course is very hilly and this bulldog has no problem climbing and there is plenty of battery life. The remote has excellent range, even without extending antenna. I had a problem and tech support was extremely helpful. My warrantee was honored and the part was shipped immediately. I had very little downtime and no expense. The feel of the remote and the battery carrier could be better, but overall, this cart is a bargain and I have no regrets.

August 22, 2013

This is a terrific product. Very sturdy, low center of gravity, very stable while traversing the golf course including hills and all for a very reasonable price. The dealer was a pleasure to work with.

August 22, 2013

After replacing the motherboard, warranty, it works great. We, my wife and I play twice a week, this cart is so powerful it will pull my wife up to the hills. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Sam

August 22, 2013

i use my cart on a golf course that is not level. The cart performs great on hills without turning over. There are two other golfers in my group that use the same cart as mine and they love theirs. I get inquiries about cart performance from other golfers at the club I play. The only problem I have it pulls to the right. I have not tried to adjust it out. I lost the back battery cover for my remote. Do you sale a replacement? Great cart.

August 22, 2013

Outstanding golf cart, have not had any problems. Like the way it folds up, easy to Lift and hang up on hook.

Joe R. in Georgia

August 22, 2013

Love my CartTek. All the guy at the country club as me what kind of cart that I have as they push there carts.. They are amazed how easy the cart is to set up and take down. I have probably used my cart 25 rounds.. No Problems to report.. Have I said how much I love my carttek.. Wish I would have bought one before know.. Coach Brian

August 22, 2013

Only had time to use the cart once since purchased. So far so good. Will need more time to evaluate cart.

July 15, 2013

First of all, let me explain why I bought a remote cart. A golf buddy had another make and he got me hooked. I chose this one because of other reviews and their ratings of the GRX-1200R. At first I had some trouble with the cart, possibly damaged in shipment.  After talking with Dick a replacement part was in my hands within 4 days (weekend included). A very easy replacement with the instructions they provide. I charged up the battery that night, and hit the links the next day. AMAZING!!!!!. the cart was incredible! Left, right, fast, slow, reverse, and the range... to date I've gone as far as 90yards away from the cart and it still responds to my controls. Dick and Robin Thank you for you help and I LOVE my new cart. Now for the golf bag....Christmas to me.

July 8, 2013

I just wanted you to know that i have used my GRX1200R four or five times and am thrilled with its easy use and performance. The learning curve was almost non existant and the remote control has made having the cart more than fun. A lot of heads have turned when they see a cart moving along with no one in sight to operate it ( or so it seems to them) Once again thanks for selling such a great cart!

June 19, 2013

performed well so far. plenty of power. remote was great. hope it stays this way. only negative is owners manual not to clear on a few things. like charging the remote, or using regular batteries in the remote.

May 27, 2013

This cart is wonderful. I've had mine for two years or so and play a very hilly course. It has absolutely no trouble with hills. It has great speed and power. Just a simple tap of the remote moves it anywhere you want it. Be careful about holding the turn buttons too long, they are sensative. The range from which I may activate the cart is phenomenal. I can leave it on the ensuing hole, hit a drive and call it from 100 yards easily. It's great. Dick and Robin are fabulous to work with through any issues. Just recently replace a faulty charger. New one works great.

May 27, 2013

This is the second year I have used this cart. It has proven to be extremely reliable. It is the Abrams Tank of electric carts! The electronics can get a little fussy, but Cart Tek has been very responsive. I play on a reasonable hilly course at about 6,800 feet above sea level and I can get 2 rounds on a battery charge.

May 24, 2013

Great product it is like having a caddy. It makes walking the course a pleasure

May 12, 2013

I've been using my since the beginning of April and have been really happy with it so far. It has performed great our our hilly New Hampshire golf course. It really has helped increase my endurance and energy not having to push my old cart up and down. Not to mention saving my creaky old back. The remote does take a round or two to get used to and I would recommend carrying some spare batteries in your bag for the remote. Although its hard to know what its durability will be over several seasons at this point, overall, it seems very sturdy and well built compared to some others such as BatCaddy which a number of our members use and which seem to have a lot of problems. I'm very happy with the Cart Tek and would recommend it.

May 9, 2013

In our last transaction, you had a TX and RX sent to me to correct the problem of my mis-behaving golf cart. I installed the units, activated them, tested them and returned the defective back to you. Pleasantly (for all of us) the unit is working as designed and has done so for several golf outings. No more hiccups. No more non operations (BIG SMILE) I would like to say that the way you run your business is beyond compare. I worked as an electronics engineer in the manufacture, design, and service industry, I must say that I wish we had been as astute as you and your staff!   Frank in Stanton, CA

April 30, 2013

I purchased my GRX-1200R after conducting many months of research. Called the number and spoke with Robin who took care of every conceivable issue I had or thought I might have had. Once I received my cart I spent 15 minutes putting it together and another 30 making sure I did not miss anything, it was that easy. Followed the manual, tested (actually played) with the remote and was ready for the course the next morning. It did take a few rounds to get comfortable with the remote and now that I am I am not sure how I got around without it all these years. I have had one issue with my cart and Dick took care of that in 5 minutes or less. You cannot say enough good things about the support staff at CartTek. I have numerous people whom I play with every weekend that have actually asked if I have a tow strap so I can pull their carts up the hills. The power is unbelievably sound. There is no power loss from the beginning of the day to the end of the round. The turning radius is amazing, as I have shown this unique feature to many of my playing partners while running the geese off of the fairway. Mike @ Cheyenne Shadows Golf Course Ft. Carson Colorado Go LSU!!!

April 24, 2013

I have had a Cart-Tek GRX-1200-R for almost a year, in this time I have had zero problems with it. It has been an excellent purchase. The only trouble that I have had has been operator error. Two days ago I butt dialed my cart into a pond. The cart was completely immersed. With the excellent help of the people at Cart-Tek they walked me through the steps to dry out the cart and bring it back to life. My hat is off to the wonderful people at Cart-Tek and to the great product that they sell and service.

January 24, 2013

I have been using mine for 3 months and I highly recommend it. I have played at least 2 rounds a week and have only had to change the remote batteries. Very helpful office staff too. Thank you Robin!

27 June 2012

I have had my cart for two months now and absolutely love it. I had a few minor issues with it but working with Dick in service was a complete pleasure. He walked me through a couple of trouble shooting tips and even sent me new parts at no charge to resolve these minor issues. I owned a Bat Caddy for two years before I purchased this cart and this GRX1200 blows the Bat Caddy out of the water. CartTek hit a home run with this cart it has so much power and the turning radius is incredible. I would not hesitate to recomend this cart to family or friends its the best. If you value your money and want to get the best deal for your money please buy this cart you will not be dissapointed. Ken

27 June 2012

My daughter got me the 1200R for Fathers day.I have used it for 10 rounds .I just luv it.I have been playing using a push cart.However due do low back pain and 2 complete knee replacements and other injuries I have suffered during a long career in law enforcement.I can only play 18 holes.Then take 2 days off then play 18 again.With the GRX1200R I now can play 4 or 5 times in a row without any pain.No more pushing a cart uphill.And no more costly cart fees.It does feel great to walk up a fairway swinging my arms.At 64 years old I feel like I have extended my Golf playing days to who knows when. P.S. I have a great Daughter

19 June 2012


11 April 2012

This is a most amazing product! It does everything you say it does and with accuracy. I have been shopping for self propelled carts for about a year and found that yours was the only one that met the qualifications of strength, remote control, sure operation, built to last, and more than satisfactory customer support. I am proud to tell any of the curious golfers that stop me to talk about my wonderful "toy", although it's more than that. It's my enjoyment and exercise pal. There have been more than a couple of helpful people trying to catch my run-away cart, thinking that my push cart had gotten away from me on a hill. It is funny to see their faces when they find what it really is and does. I quite happily inform anyone who wants to listen to me about how pleased and enthusiastic I am about this GRX-1200-R. If there were six stars for a rating, I would be giving that, but since five is the max, that is what it will be. Thank you for this great product.

09 April 2012

I purchased my GRX-1200-R and started using it 1/9/2012. It took a bit of practice to become proficient at maneuvering it around obstacles, through openings in areas roped off to keep out riding carts! Most of the reviews cover any information you need about the cart. I use my cart to play 36 holes most every day that I play. I do not play on weekends but I often play 36 holes per day, 5 days a week, charging it overnight each day after play. The course I play is quite hilly and my cart has enough power to pull me up the hills, on the cart path from the green to the next tee. I really appreciate the chance to walk without dragging a push / pull cart around the course. I recommend this cart to any player who wants to walk and the savings on cart fees is an additional bonus. I am 71 years old and now have the energy of a 20-30 year old!

05 April 2012

I am a high volume user. The products R great. They preform in every way to meet my expectations. 3-5 times per week use. The most important thing about Cart-Tek is the costomer service given by Dick and Tyler and the rest of the staff.

29 March 2012

I am 55 years old 12 handicap and love to walk the course for exercise. My work and active sports activity have caused osteoarthritis of the knees (bone on bone). Taking my doctors suggestions I started a PT regimen and have lost 10 pounds. Now walking the course is very tolerable. I have very little pain. The GRX-1200-R really makes walking the course a breeze. It is easy operate and the more I use it the better I get at it. I am playing 3-4 18 hole rounds plus a couple of 9 hole rounds each week. You can not beat this cart. Very well constructed and the folks at Cart-Tek are really helpful and fast to respond. 5 stars on this product.

16 March 2012

Researched on the web every electric caddy made including European models. For the Oregon Coast, I needed power, reliability and the ability to traverse hills that can be muddy in winter,..really! My GRX-1200 does it all and has improved my scores as walking affords time to view/think/plan out the next shot. Dick and his staff have been a joy to work with and provide excellent product support. Steve, Newport, OR

16 February 2012

Easy to assemble and operate, excellent range with the remote control, more-than-adequate speed unless you run between shots, and excellent followup and customer service from the Company. If you want to take that proverbial "Good Walk" on the golf course, this is an excellent tool / aid. I also purchased the seat attachment (which also has a small storage space in the design) and recommend it for those hot days, slow rounds and long or hilly courses that we sometimes experience. If you want to really experience golf the way it was meant to be played, and if you want some good exercise even if you're playing poorly, get the GRX-1200-R. I am retired and play almost every day (North Carolina), and this should enable me to keep playing and stay healthy for many years.

10 February 2012

Today I used my 1200-R for the first time.The remote is a must have.It is like playing golf with a toy. After 18 holes I was not tired at all. I am a 17 handicap. I shot a 82. I am not saying the cart alone made this score possible, but I know I felt pretty peppy during the round. I highly recommend this cart to anyone who needs to exercise and enjoy it at the same time. Keep hitting them straight. Randy Drewniak Fredericksburg VA

14 January 2012

I first owned the GRX-1150-R cart, It was a good cart but made for the very casual golfer. Had a few issues but Cart Tek was unbelievably helpful and took care of everything. I finally decided to upgrade to the GRX1200 and have been more than satisfied! My buddy spent $1500.00 on the Bag Boy Navigator 2 . The GRX1200 puts it to shame. The only thing we both agreed on about the Bag Boy was that we liked the the swivel and shock front wheel and the drink holder, (the drink holder on the Cart Tek is not great if you hit any sort of bumps) His Bag Bay has tipped over many many times because it's so narrow and the wheelie bar is only a slight help when going up a small hill. The Cart Tek is faster, more powerful and cost $700 less.They both have the programmable remotes, reverse and manual use. The seat attachment on the Cart Tek is a separate piece which I like in case you ever need to replace the seat holder due to running into something and cracking or bending the steel. The Bag Boy seat attachment is part of the frame so when it hits something it breaks the entire frame, I only know because it happened to my buddy with the Bag boy. Buy form Cart Tek for the products and the customer Service!

05 January 2012

I bought my GRX-1200 after alot of RESEARCH.  Spoke with Dick personally numerous times and love it.  Have recommended 2 other members of my club and they have bought the 1200.  Do yourself a favor and buy one! Love my 1200. Easy to operate. So far so good. If I have an issue, I can call Dick and get an answer. ! Already recommended it to 2 other members who have bought the 1200.

19 December 2011

I have owned electronic caddies before, but I have to say this one surpasses them all. When I purchased the GRX-1200 I thought I would not use the remote control, After one round of golf I was hooked, it was easy and a lot of fun to operate, It is a great product I would recommend it to anyone that loves to walk. They are very sturdy and to top it all off Dick has been available when I have needed help. Thank you.

14 December 2011

I had high expectations and they were all met!  This is a great cart for the value. The cart and battery are tough and handle the mountain courses around Asheville, NC extremely well. The cart folds into a nice size for transportation and storage and comes with all the accessories needed.

04 December 2011

Received the cart last Wednesday. It was simple and easy to setup. My first round was Sunday and it performed exceptionally. I was surprised how easy it is to control. I took on all the hills and drops and it handles well. I used to hate walking with a trolley. But, this is just like playing with a caddy. On one hole I walked to the opposite side of the green only to realize I had a SW when I would rate hit an 8-iron. No problem, called my caddy over and it brought me the club I needed!Yes, My course is hilly. But, it didn't cause a problem for the Caddy. Dave

18 November 2011

My GRX-1200-R has performed great. I enjoyed 13 years of golf with a competitor's cart that worked very well but doesn't compare with the GRX-1200-R in terms of battery life, robust construction, ease of folding/unfolding, stability on hills, maneuverability, and anti-slip benefit of two drive wheels.  It appears the drive speed is pulse width modulated so energy consumption is reduced at lower speeds. The frame joints are almost indestructible. The cart's ability to pivot and run in reverse eliminates the need to manually pull it out of trouble. It has not yet gotten stuck in mud. I took your advice and shifted the battery 1 1/2 inches forward. The cart now tracks perfectly. Thank you very much for your help. Your service is exceptional. Joe R. Michigan

14 November 2011

Back in 2008, I purchased a GR750 Cart from Cart-Tek Golf, and have been very pleased with the cart after overcoming some minor electronic issues.
Since the GRX-1200 R was introduced earlier this year, I have had my eye on that cart, as I was really interested in upgrading to a remote control cart. In July, I made a decision to purchase that cart, and since that time, i have used it for about 15 rounds of golf.
It took about 3-4 rounds of golf to “tweak” some of the tracking adjustments, and get used to the responsiveness of the cart. I am now very comfortable with the cart, as I can set it to my pace of play and have the cart out in front of me about 20 yards, and not be concerned about staying close to the cart if any obstacles are in the way.
I recommend this cart highly and hope to enjoy many years of service. I recently played in a 3 day tournament without charging the battery (I normally re-charge after each round).
As always, Dick at Cart-Tek delivers what he promises and more. Ben C. Littleton, CO

14 October 2011

Ever since I was a kid I played golf walking the course. As I aged (I'm now 56) my ability to carry a bag for 18 holes started to diminish. In the past three years, I lost that ability completely due to multiple orthopedic problems, which included a total knee replacement and the repair of ruptured tendons in both feet. My days of walking the course were over! I really hated playing the game from a cart as it did not suite my comfort zone not to mention the fact that it destroyed the mental concentration that walking so greatly affords. I looked into electric carts but found the price too high or the quality, features, and reliability lacking. Then I discovered the Cart-Tek GRX-1200-R. This piece of equipment has been the most significant game changer for me as it has allowed me to return to the way I love to play the game. The first time I used my Cart-Tek cart I felt like I had been freed from the bondage of having to ride in a cart. Bottom line, if you like to walk the course and don't like the burden of carrying or simply can't manage it due to health problems, this is the cart for you. You simply cannot beat the design, quality, features,and ease of use, including storage even at twice the price that some competitor carts currently cost. Thank you Cart-Tek for bringing this to the market! Greg T.

06 October 2011

This cart is a WINNER. I also play on a very hilly course, and I got sick of pushing my BagBoy. I saw the 1200 and knew it was for me. The remote control is great. It is very easy to control. My playing partners have noticed that I seem to be having more fun running the cart ahead or to the next tee box or where ever than I am golfing. I think they're right. I've used it for about 10 rounds and it is going strong. This is my second cart. When I had my first one, from a different company, my partners used to laugh, because I never knew what it would do or where it would go next. It died after about 6 months use and the company is out of business. Dick Northrop has given me a line on where to get parts to fix it. If I ever get it working, I'll sell it because in my eyes, nothing will beat my 1200. Thanks Dick and Cart-Tek. Clint from WI

29 July 2011

After minor assembly (15 minutes) and charging the batteries it was off to the course. The cart takes the back and leg strain out of walking the course. Have played 4 rounds, 2 @ 27 holes. Cart was still performing great and ready to go. Would recommend for anyone wanting exercise and saving cart fees. Steve

14 July 2011

I recently received my 1200R power caddy, and have played 7 rounds with it thus far. I live in New England, and the course I belong to is fairly hilly, and the unit performs extremely well. It folds very nicely, easily fits in the trunk of my car,sets up very easily, has plenty of power after 18 holes of golf, and has met or exceeded my expectations for performance.
I play with a large group of members, and to date 2 of them have already ordered a 1200R, and I expect to see more people doing the same.
Customer service has been a pleasure to deal with, and I feel confident that they will be extremely responsive to any service needs.

27 June 2011

My daughter got me the 1200R for Fathers day.I have used it for 10 rounds .I just luv it.I have been playing using a push cart.However due do low back pain and 2 complete knee replacements and other injuries I have suffered during a long career in law enforcement.I can only play 18 holes.Then take 2 days off then play 18 again.With the GRX1200R I now can play 4 or 5 times in a row without any pain.No more pushing a cart uphill.And no more costly cart fees.It does feel great to walk up a fairway swinging my arms.At 64 years old I feel like I have extended my Golf playing days to who knows when. P.S. I have a great Daughter

20 June 2011

I recently bought the GRX-1200-R which was my first battery powered golf cart. It is very responsive and sturdy. The rear wheel makes a big difference in stability when going up a grade if the cart tips backwards. It will turn on a dime so gets some taking used to. It seems to gain endurance the more you use it as my 1st outing was a little weak, but no problems since then. I think the manual mentions that. I researched many other makes before settling on this one and it is a great value. Customer service has been outstanding. This cart has features that others charge extra for, i.e. scorecard holder, and a drinking cup. And the price is very competitive with other carts that lack the remote control feature, so its like getting a remote at no extra cost. The added cost for the seat is well worth it and provides not only relief from a long walk, but also good storage. I think one concentrates better on the game when walking as opposed to riding in a conventional power cart. Ron W.

14 May 2011

Only had this for about a week and the results are fantastic. Bought this unit cause I have bad hips and back. I no longer need to walk bent over push a cart. I have played some long hilly courses and have not had any problems at all except for the tracking. After reading the instructions that problem went away. Dah! Wish I had this years ago. Thanks Cart-Tek. Denny in Washington

08 April 2011

I was doing doughnuts with this bad boy. It's as maneuverable an F1 Formula Racer.
The cart is very powerful and the remote is responsive. The 2.4 works. The seat is a must. Very comforting to have it around the 16th hole. It has storage for everything under the seat. The price is ridiculously cheap for the quality. Steve

06 January 2011

"Did substantial research on the Web and in person to find the right cart for the Oregon Coast.  I needed one that could handle hills, mud, and occasional frozen ground.  Settled on the Cart -Tek GRX-1200R and have been more than satisfied with the unit and the Northrop's service after sale.  Improved my scores by 3-4 strokes."

Bat Caddy

  1. Very Impressed & Pleased

    Posted by Dave O., Newport Beach, CA on January 9th 2015

    Took my X4R out today for the first time and I am very impressed and pleased by its performance. I got the hang of the remote and the manual controls within a few holes of play. My playing partners were amused and impressed by my maneuvering the cart around the green toward the next tee as I went to put. It tracked a little to the left and I think I was able to correct it as soon as I got home by your instructions.

    To say that I am pleased with the purchase is an understatement. I have arthritic knees and pulling or pushing a cart causes great discomfort so I have been riding. It’s much more enjoyable to simply walk along next to or behind the cart and have the motors do the “heavy lifting” for me. My knees are still sore after play, but I can live with that, considering the exercise I’m getting by walking, rather than riding, to say nothing of the cost savings over renting a riding cart each time I play. I figure that I will have paid off the investment of the cart in just a few months of play, and save money each round after that. My wife likes that idea.

  2. Such Good Value

    Posted by Dirk V., Fairfield, CT on October 14th 2014

    I have been using the X4 R since June 2014 and have had no problems- has helped my golf game- no longer to I have to pause to catch my breath after going up a hill (Had previous used a very good 3 wheel push cart)- the remote is great to have - works well over 100 yards away- This cart represents such good value I have purchased a second one to take to Norway

  3. Field Testing Results

    Posted by Ed, Michigan on October 11th 2014

    It nearing the end of the golf season here in midMichigan, so thought I would write to you with some "field testing" information.

    I have walked over 2500 holes of golf, about 550 miles, and everyone of them with my X4R. Our home course is quite hilly and there are few cart paths and a lot of long rough. The X4R has stood up to this in an amazing fashion.
    Just thought you might want to know!

  4. You guys are fabulous!

    Posted by Gordon S., San Rafael, CA on July 27th 2014

    I only wish every company I deal with was as responsive as Bat Caddy.

    One often finds fabulous products with poor customer service or fabulous customer service with inferior products. Much like my golf game the driver and putter seldom work in harmony but at Bat Caddy they do.

    You guys are fabulous. Thank you for your attention to date.

    Just to put it in perspective if I were ever to get divorced my wife can have the dog but I will fight for my Bat Caddy!

  5. X4R which is wonderful....

    Posted by Ed L., Mason MI on July 17th 2014

    .....I have had the X4R, 2014 model, since April, and after a slow start to our golf season here in Mid Michigan, things picked up quickly. Both my wife and I are retired and we are both walkers....but she is considerably younger than I so still likes to carry her bag, even though I have the old X3 stored in the basement.

    As of mid July, I have played about 2,300 holes on a fairly hilly golf course with little in the way of cart paths, so all on grass, mostly deep except for the fairways which start about 100 yards from the tee box. I have been very pleased with a number of the features of the X4R.

    First, the battery life is incredible, and I have the standard AGM 12 volt system. I have 2 batteries which I switch each day. After 18 holes of up and down hills, there is plenty of juice left. (I have a voltmeter connected to track charge state, and not just rely on the leds on the handle of the caddy.)

    Second, the reverse feature is very useful when one over-shoots his ball because it is hidden in the rough. One thing which might be added to the manual...don't use reverse at a higher speed than about 2 clicks and then try to stop it....tends to tip over. I have learned to slow it down before stopping it fully.

    The remote is simple and effective. The on/off switch is a very nice feature for those of us who don't pay attention and put the remote in a pocket, go into the restaurant/pro shop, and accidentally hit a button!

    The front wheel design is very good compared to the X3...doesn't clog up with grass and is relatively easy to clean.

    The unit tracks very well and the steering system using the 2 motors is excellent.

    So, over-all, I am very pleased with this caddy.

    Finally, and I haven't had need to use it, your support team is outstanding, especially Ron Z who helped me a lot with some problems with the electronics on the X3. It was because of this experience that I quickly decided to get the X4R. I look forward to seeing what new models incorporate as new features.

  6. Update on My 8/8/12 Review: Bat Caddy is Still the Best!

    Posted by Jim Guthrie on July 2nd 2014

    I purchased my X4R cart on July 15, 2010, so it has been almost 4 years now, and it is still the best golf equipment purchase that I have ever made. The X4R is the best designed cart on the market. If you look at their competitors: Cart-Tek, Spitzer and the re-designed BagBoy carts, they look so similar to the X4R design, it is evident that Bat Caddy is clearly the innovator in the industry, with a lot of copying of their design.

    I love my X4R. It is dependable. light weight, powerful and folds up quickly into a small size, at a very reasonable price. What I love most about my experience with Bat Caddy is their outstanding customer service. Whenever I have had a problem with my cart, whether in warranty or out of warranty, Bat Caddy has been enthusiastic and proactive in resolving my problem as quickly as possible.

    They truly care about their customer satisfaction.

  7. Great Product!

    Posted by Ken B.; Valparaiso, IN on June 23rd 2014

    Let me say that I have had my X4R lithium Bat-Caddy for about a year now and play 2-3 times per week and sometimes 36 holes in a day. Great product!! It handles extremely well and I am thoroughly pleased. Great design job too!! Does so well in wet conditions. I recommended it to many of my friends.

  8. Excellent Caddy

    Posted by Robert D; St. George, UT on April 27th 2014

    Excellent caddy so far. Used it for about a month.

  9. Customer Service Second to None

    Posted by Ricky L., Greensboro, NC on April 18th 2014

    Thanks so much for sending the new remote control. Bat-Caddy's customer service is second to none. I have sincerely enjoyed my X4R. It is the best purchase I have made in a very long time! Thanks Bat-Caddy

  10. Best Golf Purchase Ever

    Posted by Roland M., San Jose, CA on March 27th 2014

    Best golf toy purchase I ever had. Walking while golfing is so much more fun and enjoyable using the X4R. The price of cart rental alone will pay for itself in a year. I've never been more excited playing golf now that I have my personal caddy. The seat / score holder and drink holder adds more to the kid excitement in me. Hands down this is the best golf gadget purchase for me. Even the golf Gods are excited. Feed back the way the manual is written, instructions and descriptions on all operating parts should be included, i.e the knob control located near the cart handle. I had to call in to find out the real function of this knob...it is actually a manual control if you are up or down a hill / slope to match your stride. You do not want to use the remote up or down a hill. This knob is not a volume control or a range extender control like it was speculated by my 4-some. And, the plastic-like string on the remote control is actually the antenna for the remote...be careful not to break or cut this string. Other than that, I am in golf heaven using my X4R. Well done Bat-Caddy.

  11. Very Happy

    Posted by Jerry on February 25th 2014

    I will be calling your FL Service Center about a Bat-Caddy Bag as well as upgrading my battery to a Lithium battery. I’ve always received excellent response & service from Bat-Caddy. By the way, I am very happy with the Bat-Caddy X4R & do recommend it to any who express an interest in an electric caddy!!

  12. My Personal Caddy

    Posted by Pattie on February 11th 2014

    I purchased my X4RL in November 2013. I've been too busy enjoying my new caddy to write a review. Walking and playing golf are a pleasure and I now have more energy for my game. The lithium battery weighs much less than my handbag and folding the caddy is a breeze. It's small size is perfect for my Prius C. I am very happy with my purchase.

  13. Works Wonderfully

    Posted by Irving B., St. Petersburg, FL on December 21st 2013

    I set it up last night and drove it around the street. Works wonderfully. Fits well in the small trunk of my car. Setup was easy. A few comments though. Print on instruction manual way too tiny. Manual said rear wheels labeled left and right, I could find no such labels, and umbrella/scorecard holder only fit on the opposite side mentioned in the instructions. Small things.

  14. Makes Golf that much more enjoyable

    Posted by Ron., Corning, NY on August 26th 2013

    Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I love the X4R remote Bat-Caddy. I bought one for my father and me and neither one of us can stop raving about the caddy. We have had a lot of interest at our golf club and many have said they will be purchasing. It sure makes golf that much more enjoyable. Thanks again!

  15. Excellent Product

    Posted by Jack, Dix Hills, NY on August 23rd 2013

    Excellent product. Used twice so far but loving it! had to wait for almost a month to receive it. Must be in demand.

  16. Easy to operate

    Posted by John V., Robins, IA on July 1st 2013

    I have had my caddy for a month and it make my walk on the golf course more enjoyable, even when I make poor shots. Easy to operate and set up.

  17. Love Modern Technology

    Posted by Chip M., Borger, TX (May 2013) on May 7th 2013

    The Bat-Caddy golf caddy has allowed me to walk 18 holes. Due to hills and the West Texas wind my legs would give out after 14 holes. The caddy is very easy to use and Bat-Caddy has a great support staff. I took five minutes to visit with Technical Support on the control functions and maintance of my caddy. The caddy will turn on a dime and travel at my pace. If you like walking but tire out before you finish playing I would highly recomend you getting a Bat-Caddy. I now looking foreward to walking while playing golf. Boy,I love modern technology!

  18. Best Friend on the Golf Course

    Posted by Gary R., VA on March 4th 2013

    I just purchased a Bat Caddy X4R for my wife but also have one that I have owned for about two years. Best personal friend on the golf course that I could ever imagine! Like a real caddy but no talking and no tipping!

  19. Needs adjustment for big bags

    Posted by adp on January 28th 2013

    The x4r is great in everyway except the bungee cords and metal ends of brackets. it put holes in my sun mountain bag because the bungie cords are too tight and the metal ends of the brackets rubbed on the bags. Did not have any trouble with smaller carry bags, just with C130 sun mountain cart bag.

  20. Love It

    Posted by William L. on January 6th 2013

    I got this through my golf club and used it today Jan 5 for the first time and love it. easy to maneuver and handled rough terrain well. Was strong for 18 holes. I peobably could have done another 18 easily.




  1. Love at first sight

    Posted by Andy W., Oakland, TN on January 26th 2015

    I'm so excited. I got my Bat Caddy, put it together, charged it up, and got my first chance to use over the weekend. What a great time I had just walking down the fairways without having to pull my cart along with me.
    I loved it after the first hole I played. Thanx Bat-Caddy!

  2. Exellent Set Up Service

    Posted by Diane. Sun City, AZ on January 2nd 2015

    Excellent set up service from Bat-Caddy California

  3. Thanks for making my passion even more fun!

    Posted by Tom, Cincinnati, OH on December 23rd 2014

    I received my X3R caddy on Dec 5th, 2014. I ordered a demo unit based on info in another post by a previous customer. When I called to place my order on Nov 28th Peter Hanneforth the president and owner of the company took my call. He was VERY helpful. When I received my order it was packaged well and in great shape. I had the caddy and the FREE accessories assembled, up and running in less than an hour. I have a background in mechanical engineering and I therefore have a pretty good aptitude for determining quality from junk. I must say that I was very impressed with the design and fit of this product. I reside in Cincinnati OH and as a result my opportunity for winter golf is somewhat limited. I was anxious to put the Bat-Caddy to the test. Fortunately within a couple of days we had a break from the cold and rain and I made my way to our course. We have a very rolling track with some steep hills. The X3R was unfaltering in taking on anything in its path. It does tend to drift down hill when under remote power and going across a grade but you quickly learn to direct it so as to compensate. We were playing in temperatures in the low 50's. I was not sure how that might affect the battery and its ability to last for 18 holes. No problem. The green light was still lit and indicating the availability of full power at the end of the round. At the time that I chose to order my caddy I wasn't all that sure that I would use the remote feature all that much. I originally ordered the X3R over the X3 as I felt the wider wheel base would be a benefit for stability for side hill navigation on some of our steeper hills. I also liked the fact that the anti-tip wheel was included on the X3R and should provide some additional benefit navigating vertically up our steep hills. After 3 rounds I have found that I was completely wrong about the use of the remote feature. Now that I have experienced it I would not be without it. It saves you steps in so many situations that you may not even consider previous to it's use. I feel liberated from the burden of the push cart I have used the past six years. I play an average of 3 times a week in good weather. My shoulders have given me issues in the past when carrying a bag or using my push cart. Not the case after using my new Bat Caddy. Played 2 days in a row feeling good to go more. One of our golf buddies already owned an X3 and now another has ordered an X3R after seeing mine in action. I expect others will follow. Thanks Bat Caddy for making my passion even more fun and enjoyable. Sincerely, Tom in Cincinnati.

  4. Outstanding Value & Service

    Posted by Brian M., RI on November 29th 2014

    I have just upgraded to a newer version of my 5 year old X3R. Although satisfied with the original I felt it was time to move up to a more innovative model. I must say that after several uses with the 2014 model I could not be happier. It does all that my old version did but in a faster and more efficient manner. I also notice the fact that many of my buddies have other manufacturers models which cost double to triple what I paid and show no appreciable differences to the X3R as far as quality is concerned.
    Much of what makes a product successful is the people who stand behind it. I cannot speak highly enough of the technical department ob Batcaddy. They have worked with me numerous times and always achieved a solution which I have been 100% satisfied with. The guys are good people and know what they are doing.
    Lastly, after years of right shoulder issues I finally realized that pushing a non-motorized cart up and down hills (which constantly extended my shoulder forward) was the root of my problem. With the motorized cart my shoulder is pain free and I still get the exercise of walking the course. Now, if I can find a machine that can actually swing the club for me so I can win a few more bucks from my buddies life will be perfect

  5. Great Product!

    Posted by Fred W., Langhorne, PA on November 3rd 2014

    Great product!

  6. Save Valuable Energy

    Posted by Frank B., Cornelius, NC on June 19th 2014

    Received my X3R the Thursday following my purchase and had it in play for 18 holes on Saturday and Sunday. Took a few holes to get comfortable, but allows me to save valuable energy walking such a demanding course.

  7. I Love My X3R Remote Bat Caddy

    Posted by Doreen Hamilton on June 18th 2014

    I walk and I pushed my bag and carried my bag. I often play with a friend who walks and is 88 years young and he has an electric cart. Another friend in his early 40 purchased an electric cart with a lithium battery and I loved his. I began researching electric golf carts and ran across Bat Caddy and read the reviews. I know I wanted one and it had to be remote. After a few emails and phone calls to some excellent sales people I finally purchased a demo X3R, August 2013. I play about 4 to 6 days a week that includes after work. It is the BEST golf purchase I have ever purchased. Everyone ask me what it is and I say Bat Caddy. One friend purchased the X3R this year. Great product. Thank you.

  8. Awesome customer service and overall performance.

    Posted by Vic Colley on June 4th 2014

    I bought the X3R. I received it on a Friday. Saturday I took it out of the box to assemble it and try it out. It worked great, but couldn't get the remote control to work. I emailed the company and received an email back later that day. I didnt know it until Sunday morning because I didnt look for email until Sunday. The email gave me a couple suggestions on how to get the remote control to work. No success. I emailed the company again and got a reply in less than an hour on sunday morning from the president of the company (Peter O). I tried his suggestion with no luck, once again I emailed back and in about 10 minutes I got another response this time the president of the company worked with me until the remote control was working. All this was on a SUNDAY Morning. I could not ask for better customer service or quality of company concern for responding to any questions about the bat caddy. I have used my bat caddy whenever I golf (about 2 times a week). I charge the battery most of the time after I play a round of 18, but have forgotten a few times and it has lasted through another 18 holes with no problems. I have had no problems whatsoever and would highly recommend this product to everyone. I have already told friends about it and other golfers with questions. Awesome customer service, great machine and very happy customer!!

  9. Impressive Service

    Posted by Scott L. on May 22nd 2014

    Peter O. i want to thank you and bat-caddy for such great customer service. I called Ron and he took great care of me. He helped me troubleshoot the problem with my X3R having been in the water. He told me to take the remote unit out of the box on the bottom of the cart and dry it out with a fan or hair dryer. Well, i did this on thursday and played 18 holes yesterday and it worked like a champ. I am very happy and bat-caddy should be proud for providing a high level of customer service. This is something you dont always get with a purchase and the fact you were on vacation (still responded to me), and a different region rep took care of me like i was his own is great. Customer service like this builds relationships. Again, i am impressed with your companies committment to their customers, it is obvious that not only do you want to sell your product but you stand behind it and care it functions like it is supposed to.

    thanks again, respectfully

  10. Great Quality Product

    Posted by Bob, San Diego on March 11th 2014

    I purchased my Batt-Caddy about 18 months ago. Its a great quality product that has been very reliable. Reason for purchasing is my hips are starting to bother me and playing Torrey Pines every week and pushing a cart does aggravate my hips. Batt-Caddy allows to still walk 18 holes while minimizing stress to mys hips.

  11. Even Survives Sinking!

    Posted by Phil, NJ on November 12th 2013

    Advised by the President I bought a X3R demo in 2010. It is now 3 years and 3 seasons later, and I continue to be happy with my Bat-Caddy which I also use off season since I play winter golf. Recently my Bat-Caddy accidentally ended up submerged in water and mud for more than 10 minutes. After a salvage operation by our groundkeepers and a drying out process closely guided by the Bat-Caddy Service Center in PA, I was able to bring the Bat-Caddy back to full live without a single part exchanged. I wanted to let you know about the quality of your product and the dedication of your Service staff. What a value!

  12. Great Cart for the money!

    Posted by Craig, York, PA on July 29th 2013

    I bought one used and love my Bat-Caddy X3R. Great cart for the money!

  13. Bought one of the first X3Rs in 2007 and it's still running

    Posted by Jerry, Maryland on July 13th 2013

    I purchased one of the first X3Rs at the start of the 2007 season, and have used it for many rounds each year since then. It has worked dependably and has been easy to maintain. The electronics and the remote have worked flawlessly. Occasionally, I tighten some of the screws and bolts, and I have replaced the battery once. I also needed to replace the plastic handle a couple of years ago, and I am replacing one of the wheels this week, both because of cracks that developed after a lot of use. Customer service has been excellent, and the parts I have ordered arrived promptly. If this one ever gives up, I am sure I will go back to Bat Caddy for a replacement, but I'm beginning to think that may never happen!"

  14. Greatest caddie ever!

    Posted by Paul F., Fairfield, MT on May 6th 2013

    greatest caddie ever!

  15. Love this!

    Posted by JG - Virginia on April 12th 2013

    Bought the x3R a couple of months ago...played about 5 rounds so far...fantastic - forgot how nice it is to just walk the course!
    x3R is pretty rugged - does what it's supposed to do.
    Love it!

  16. GREAT Product

    Posted by Tommy P., Montgomery, AL on January 14th 2013

    I am about 8 Hc and an avid walker. This makes it much easier.
    Have not had it long but have used it twice. It works great and when the
    weather really get hot here in the deep south I am sure I will think
    it is even a better product. GREAT Product.

  17. I Love this thing!

    Posted by Steve on January 6th 2013

    I've had the X3R for a few months now and love the fact that I can walk the course like a pro... too bad I don't play like one. It's easy to use; easy to control; never runs down and has enhanced my enjoyment of the game. I like the way the remote works with just the push of the right button to control speed, left, right, stop and reverse. I can thread it between the sand trap and the green from 30 feet away. It's very responsive. But what I enjoy the most if the walking without carrying my bag or dragging it behind me. A great caddy at a great price. Thanks!

  18. Had my X3R for almost 4 years and love it!

    Posted by Ted on September 11th 2012

    I have had my Bat Caddy for almost 4 years. Very few problems other than normal maintenance items. The people I have had the pleasure to work with are the best, especially Ron. I have one golf partner that is in the process of ordering one for himself. Walking is recommended by the doctor and I can't think of a better way to walk AND have fun than playing golf! Great Machine.

  19. The Bat-Caddy leaves me full of energy

    Posted by Corlette F., Washington, DC on August 15th 2012

    I am enjoying my Bat-Caddy X3R very much . . . it was well worth the wait. I have used a push cart for six years and always felt exhausted after playing certain courses which had hills. By the time I got to my ball I was unable to muster up enough energy to pull off a decent shot, but now with my Bat-Caddy after 18-holes I am full of energy. I am now able to tackle those golf courses with hills, make my second or third shot with ease and energy. Thank you for having such a wonderful product on the market.
    By the way, I made a hole-in-one yesterday on the West Course at Andrews AirForce Base Golf Course, MD the 9th hole 114 yards with a nine iron.


Various Bat Caddy Models:


"Bat Caddy carts are far and away the the Lexus of electric golf carts. There is no comparison for excellence in design, performance, lightweight compactness at an affordable price. I did extensive research before I purchased my X4R cart, both on the internet, in golf stores, and interviewing every golfer that had an electric cart that joined me on the golf course. There are numerous electric carts on the market. They range in price from around $400 to $2,500, mostly in the higher end above $1,500, which is not justifiable for the average golfer.

During my research, I found that all of the carts, regardless of price, had common flaws. They were bulky, ugly, hard to fold up and heavy. They looked like converted lawn mowers. When I saw the Bat Caddy X3R cart, I was instantly excited, but afraid of the price, due to the excellent design. I asked the owner many questions about her cart. She gushed about how pleased she was with it; lightweight, powerful, compact and $600. She showed me how easily it folded up into a compact size. She said that Bat Caddy had released a new model, the X4R at $700 that was even better than her cart. I was instantly sold. $700 was in my justifiable price range.

I bought my Bat Caddy X4R two years ago for $700 and could not be more pleased. It is elegantly designed, powerful, lightweight and folds up quickly into a compact size. If it weren't for the presence of the battery, most golfers would not know that it is an electric cart due to its simple and beautiful design. It does not look like a clunky electric cart. The remote control is easy to use and has a range of at least 100 yards.

I play weekly on a steep golf course and my X4R is so powerful, that it easily pulls me up the steep hills. Better yet, I have had a few minor issue with my cart, and each and every time, Bat Caddy customer service has readily replaced parts, free of charge, under their generous warranty.Their customer service is outstanding.

The X4R has increased in price since I bought mine but is still an excellent value.

This is an excellent company with an outstanding line of products. You can't do better than Bat Caddy for electric golf carts." Jim G., Burlingname, CA (July 2012)

"I want to compliment you on an excellent product. I purchased a Bat-Caddy X3. I have used it extensively for one year now. I golf 3 to 4 times a week in the Tacoma, Washington area. It has been absolutely great with no problems or complaints at all. This is just an excellent product which is very easy to use and performs exactly as advertised." Thom W., Tacoma, WA (June 2012)

"I can't believe that I received my Bat Caddy the day after I placed my order! I'm absolutely delighted with the product. Thanks for such great service. I have a feeling some of my friends will be green with envy once they see the Bat-Caddy in action. You can be sure I'll do my best to send them in your direction. Thanks again." Jim F., Stockbridge, MA (June 2012)

"My new Bat-Caddy is as great as the other reviews state. Now I just take a walk in the park when I go golfing. Before, I liked to walk with my push cart or carry my bag. But, you know how it goes on a hilly course by the middle of the back nine. I got tired like everyone else. Now, it’s a different story. I tell my wife after every round how much I appreciate her Father’s Day gift to me a month early back in May." Terry H., Bellefountaine, OH (June 2012)

"I ordered your X4R a couple of months ago. For the past 10 years I have owned a Robocaddy by PowaCaddy, I loved it but when the remote stopped working and I was unable to buy a replacement remote. I was decided I would buy a new Robocaddie but when I checked the price it was almost $2000, up $700 from when I first bought my original. I searched the internet and read everything I could about your product, and it took me almost 7 months to finally decide how much I missed just walking while golfing. I was very reluctant to buy your caddy because the price was so low, you know the saying you get what you pay for. But after that 7 months and your money back guarantee I figured I had nothing to lose. Well was I shocked at what a great product your caddy turned out to be! It is easily as good if not better than my RoboCaddy. It folds smaller, and it is amazing, I am a fast walker and there is no way I can keep up with your caddy, whereas with the Robocaddy I had to wait for it all the time. My home course is very hilly but your caddy runs up those hills, and the balance is so good it rarely gets up on the small back wheel. The remote is very simple to use, the caddy folds simply, and the accessories are wonderful, I love the seat. Thank you for making such a wonderful product, for anyone out there who is tired of carrying your clubs this is by far the best caddy on the market, you will be so glad you bought this. I golf 18 holes 6 times a week and the battery seems to be getting stronger. My golfing buddy has a Kangaroo, and he told me he wishes he would have know about the Bat-Caddy. He thinks it is much better than his and the price is unbelievable. Thanks again for making such a quality caddie at a bottom basement price." Bruce G., Ogden, UT (June 2012)

"Just a quick note to let you know we’re coming up on 1 year with our X2 Pros. They worked hard all winter, and are now enjoying the warmth of Spring. With just a little care (cleaning, lubrication), they have performed magnificently. I just did a Spring “tune up” on them, and they are so quiet, it’s incredible. Looks like our club members are starting to adopt them as well. Great product...thanks, Bat-Caddy." Steve & Cheri F., Boise, ID (May 2012)

"I just wanted you to know that Peter O. has been great in helping me solve some minor problems with my Bat-Caddy X3R. All is well again at this point. I really appreciate the great service that you, Ron, and now Peter O. have provided me since I purchased the Bat-Caddy several years ago. Now that I am retired, I love to walk the golf course 3-4 times a week, especially with my faithful Bat-Caddy! I've lost a few pounds and actually lowered my handicap in the process. You'll also be pleased to know that 4 others at my club are using Bat-Caddies now.Take care - thanks again for the great service, and keep up the good work!" Ken H., Tallahassee, FL (May 2012)

"Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much my hubby loves his birthday present. The guys he golfs with are very impressed with the Bat-Caddy, and I think maybe you may be seeing some orders because of it. He is 63 and by the time he hits the 14th hole he said he was pretty fatigued and just going thru the motions. His shoulder muscles would be tight from the constant lifting of the bag and clubs. The Bat-Caddy allows him not only to walk and get extra exercise, but he says he now feels as fresh and loose on the 14th hole as he did on #1. Thanks for making him so happy" Audrey O., Louisville, KY (May 2012)

"I have one of your newer model X4Rs and I wanted to hold off writing a testimonial until I was certain this was a good product and not a case of new toy "infatuation"!! Well, this is not a good product, it is a GREAT product! And yes, it is a case of infatuation maturing into LOVE! I can not express how much more enjoyable I find the game even when my play is not up to my standards. What's that Mark Twain saying? "Golf is a good walk spoiled." Well, he never had a Bat-Caddy!!! This device brings back the "good walk" aspect of the game. I have been playing golf for 45 years, never had a caddy, hated riding in carts and pushing or pulling them around wasn't much fun either...........this is the most fun I have ever had playing the game. Coupled with a GPS app for the iPhone, I have a full fledged 'silent' caddy!! I have opened my season with the best starting rounds ever. My golf buddies are envious and I have a feeling you will have 2 more customers soon! I walk 3 to 5 miles daily and this cart helps me add to this healthy exercise routine in a very pleasant way. Thanks for a great product and your personal assurances that my warranty would not start until the snow was gone. You represent your quality product with quality professional service." Max F., Londonderry, NH (April 2012)

"Over the weekend I got to use my Bat-Caddy cart. I am very happy with how the cart performed. The cart did everything you said it would. For reverence, the cart does fit in my C6 Corvette convertible. Thanks for helping me choose the right cart!" Jim S. (March 2012)

"This is my second testimonial about your excellently designed carts. My first was February, 2011. I bought my X4R in August, 2010, and 16 months later, it continues to enthrall me with its elegant light weight design, performance, compact fold down and performance. It is the best golf product purchase I have ever made. As an architect, I seek elegantly designed products that perform excellently, and the X4R is the Lexus of all electric golf carts with its simple and elegant design, strong performance and reasonable price. My cart is so powerful, it pulls me up the steep hills of my home course. The few times that I have had problems your tech support staff has been exemplary with advice, and supplying new parts under warranty. Recently, I have seen many other carts on the golf course, but none compare in design, performance and price with the Bat-Caddy carts.Your carts are state of the art in design, performance and price. Great job!" Jim G., San Mateo, CA (January 2012)

"This to say my wife is absolutely delighted with her new Bat-Caddy. We have owned various types in the past 15 years and undoubtedly this is the best we have ever had, for everything, particularly the ease with which it handles on-course and getting it in and out of the car trunk. Great product, well designed. Congratulations and thanks." David M., WA (January 2012)

"Just a note, several of the guys at our club have your caddy and love them. Additionally, they have mentioned how great your service is as well. You have a great product there, congratulations and have a prosperous 2012." Ken M., Indianapolis, IN; (December 2011)

"I have had my Bat-Caddy X3R for almost 3 years. I use it almost three times a week year around. Of course things will wear out using a product that much but when I ask for help on a problem or need a part for replacement I contact Ron Z. and the service I receive is impeccable. I am normally up and running either the day I talked to him or within a week. I would recommend a Bat-Caddy for not only the price but the service. Being an retired Purchasing Executive I know the value of customer service and value for the money. You will always get it from Bat-Caddy." Ray G., Winston-Salem, NC (December 2011)

"By the way, I meant to tell you that the cart ran like a dream when I did use it this weekend. I really appreciate the customer service that you and your company provided me over the past year with my wife's Bat-Caddy X2 Pro, and that is why I decided to purchase one for myself. Once again, your company is coming thru with flying colors!!" Sam K., Haymarket, VA (November 2011)

"Received my Bat-Caddy X4R last week; assembled it and tested it in the neighborhood. Several neighbors wanted to give it a name. Took it out to my club and played nine holes during the week in a light rain. No problems navigating the wet rough, even climbing a few elevated tee boxes. I'm in Florida, so our course is pretty flat, but the ground is so soft it's like sponge cake when it rains. Played two rounds this weekend with it. No problems. Got a lot of compliments for its sleek aesthetic design. Great engineering!" Gary, Dunedin, FL (September 2011)

"I'm just writing to tell you that I opened up all of the compartments on my Bat Caddy after it accidently went swimming, let it dry for 3 days, and today I hooked up the battery and it ran perfectly. I have enjoyed my Bat Caddy a great deal since I bought it and I am now particularly pleased with the quality and reliability of your product... Thank you for all your help. A very satisfied customer." Al O.; Alton, IL (July 2011)

"I'd like to say thank you for the prompt services and part that I needed. I'm enjoying the Bat-Caddy a lot. Actually I love it. And, just let you know that my friend bought the X4r two weeks ago. Thank you again.!!" Kyung K., LaCanada, CA, (June 2011)

"I absolutely love my Bat Caddy X4R! Very easy to assemble, It's light and easy to use. It's very responsive, a regular work horse, streamlined with good looks! Everyone that has seen it has been impressed! Why would anyone want any other electric bag caddy? We may be ordering another one for my wife soon." Rip R., Yorba Linda, CA (June 2011)

"I want to say that the Bat-Caddy cart is fantastic, everybody on my golf course envies me because of its power, different speeds and backward motion, its maneuverability and its perfect remote control. It is the only one here in Argentina with so many different functions. Really I am very happy!" Alfredo R., Buenos Aires, Argentina; (June 2011)

"Thanks for this. My experience with Bat-Caddy has been excellent, and your service alone would easily be worth the extra money. Thanks again." Terry B., Ontario, Canada; (June 2011)

"Thanks so much for the quick service! I deal with a lot of customer service organizations, and yours is exceptional." Jim H., Monument, CO (May 2011)

"I purchased the X3R in January 2011 and have played about 20 rounds of golf. I have been very pleased with the cart. I have yet to come close to running out of battery life and even know I could play 36 holes on one charge. Very happy with this cart!" Wendell H., New York (May 2011)

"I own the X4R Caddy and I would like to thank everyone at Bat-Caddy f or the support they provide. My Caddy is used extensively (2 or 3 times a week) and aside from a few minor problems with the accessories it has performed flawlessly. Their Service responds very quickly. To all you Golfers who like to walk, Buy a Bat-Caddy. Thanks again for an excellent Product" Robert G., Newport News, VA. (April 2011)

"Still loving my Bat-Caddy and see no decline in the battery! I have just about converted a friend to join the Bat-Caddy family... This past Sunday he asked to switch with me as we went up a hill. I pushed his Sun Mountain and he followed my Bat-Caddy, by the top of the hill he was serious on getting one... Thanks again for a great product! Dennis C., Cisco, TX (April 2011)

"Again, thanks for your quick response. I still enjoy my BatCaddy... it is a great replacement for my HillCrest Kangaroo! I have several in my group of 12 now interested in contacting you about getting their own!" Barry B., Fairfax, VA; (March 2011)

"I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with your Service Manager yesterday, and he was very pleasant and extremely helpful. I was able to repair my cart last evening in a few minutes and it works just fine. Thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate the exceptional customer service. The other two playing partners in our foursome also have an interest in buying the same cart and I will be sure to let them know how satisfied I was with the service. I started my career almost 30 years ago in the supermarket industry where the company I worked for built its reputation on customer service. So I am always delighted to buy from a company that stands behind its product, employs associates who are friendly and courteous, and is responsive to my needs and concerns. They will most likely have my business for life." Eric R., Bel Air, MD; (March 2011)

"Really like my Bat-Caddy X4R so far! Walked 18 holes 4-days straight and still had energy to spare. Thanks." Gary O., Charlotte, NC (February 2011)

"I have used my X4R cart for five months now and I truly love it. I researched many electric carts before making my decision to purchase the X4R. There are many electric carts on the market, and most of them are very expensive, very ugly, or both. The X4R is such a simple and elegant design and always attracts attention. I appreciate its lightweight and excellent design and construction at a reasonable price. Your customer service has been as exemplary as the design and value of this cart." Jim G., San Mateo, CA (February 2011)

"I've used the Bat-Caddy X4R for 2 rounds, and it has worked perfectly! I'm 63 years old, and last year was the 1st time in over 10 years, that I was able to walk 18 holes (I have RA). I've carried my bag, but only able to walk 9 holes. I tried using a Bagboy push cart, but it really hurt my back during the 2nd 9 holes (pushing up hills was not natural). The X4R is just like having a caddy, and walking is very natural, like the pros. I played 2 days in a row, and I had some foot pain during the last few holes! Playing 36 holes in a weekend walking was something I never thought I could do again. My resolution is to walk at least 3 times each week, even if for only 9 holes each time. The workmanship on the cart is great, and very easy to both setup, and carry. I still can't believe this product is so easy to maneuver, it was fun directing it around the greens or taking my putter, and sending the cart on to the next tee.... My playing partners are impressed, and a couple are looking to purchase their own. 3 or us are in our 60's, and the other in late 50's. I'm pressing them for better health, and enjoyment. Thanks again for selling a Great product, and delivering in a short time!! This will help me stay healthy and active in the coming years!" "TJ J., Newman, GA; (February 2011)

"I just bought a Bat Caddy and used it twice this week-end for two rounds of golf and it was TERRIFIC! I would welcome the opportunity to write something as a reviewer. My wife and I are golf fanatics (living in Virginia and playing about 200 rounds a year if you count 9-hole rounds on summer evenings and 18 ever Saturday and Sunday irregardless of the weather). We have two golf Segways, our own enclosed golf cart with a cover, and the Bat Caddy meets my needs the best of walking in all types of weather and not having to carry clubs. Thank you for making my golf so healthy and enjoyable!" Gary R., Richmond, VA (January 2011)

"My husband absolutely love the E-Z-GO Cruiser that I bought for him this Christmas!  He relies on the E-Z-GO to carry his bag with ease and it rides great on our hilly golf course.  Highly recommended!"  Jenny W., Corona, CA (January 2010)

"A friend of mine bought the EZGO RC-800 from Motogolf.com a few months ago and couldn't stop raving about it.  So I decided to get one for myself.  The name speaks for itself and rides well on some of the toughest terrains.  The cart is also durable and the remote control was easy to use. I feel like a kid again!"  Kevin C., Tacoma, WA (December 2009)

"I received my Bat Caddy X2 Pro the very end of Dec and have used it 4 times since it arrived. Wanted you to know that I REALLY like it. It works as advertised! Our course is relatively flat and it maneuvers very well on the inclines that we have. So glad I checked out your site. In fact this replaced a Hill Billy that was about 10 years old and it's so much nicer. And special thanks to Ron in maintenance who assisted both my husband and me. It's nice doing business with a company like yours." Mary L., Pensacola, FL (January 2010)

"I received my Bat-Caddy X3R last Friday and everything was perfect! I charged the battery and checked it indoors (because of the snow). I am eager to use it on the golf course in Spring. I am sure that my fellow golfers will ask about it! Thank you again. This transaction was perfect to me!" Guy V., Carleton, QC (January 2010)

"I hope you're selling lots of Bat-Caddies. I certainly tell all of my friends about the product. I have been responsible for 2 people ordering a Bat-Caddy. Thanks again for a great product. It's the best purchase I've ever made. I love my Bat-Caddy!" Jim H., Rancho Cucamonga, CA (December 2009)

"I wanted to reply to indicate why I purchased your product. First I was impressed with your web site and the description of your product. Second the special pricing and free shipping caught my eye. But the thing that moved me to buy was the free accessories. Seems like a great deal on an excellent product. Keep up the good work!" Crady A., Vinton, VA (December 2009)

"I have to say that assembling and operating this Bat-Caddy seems fairly intuitive. A testament to the design. I look forward to its maiden voyage." Jeanie A., Columbia, SC (December 2009)

"Thanks for all your help with our orders. All have arrived as promised. The Bat-Caddy runs like a charm. I was surprised & pleased to see the seat was included. Great idea. We'll be three healthier happier golfers next year thanks to you folks at Bat-Caddy!" Rita S., Fairfield, CT (November 2009)

"Overall I'm very pleased with the Bat-Caddy. Battery life is excellent. The ease of assembly is a real plus." Bob R., Greensburg, PA (October 2009)

"I just want to let you know that I received my Bat-Caddy back today and am very satisfied with the work that was done. They did an excellent job of making the necessary repairs in such a short time. I have never received better repair service from the many companies that I have dealt with. Your company is the best as far as customer service is concerned! Thanks again!" Bernard O., Torrance, CA (September 2009)

"I do absolutely love the Bat Caddy X2 Pro, and all of my "Club Runner" friends are insanely jealous!! :>) I knew how much trouble my friends all had with their Club Runners, and I knew I did not want to go that route. I searched the internet, discovered Bat Caddy and studied your website. I was pretty well convinced that the product was good, but the testimonials I read are what "sealed the deal" for me." Bonnie P., Kearney, NE (September 2009)

"First of all, thank you for your speedy response. I have had both a Kangaroo Caddy and am replacing my Lectronic Caddy with this Bat-Caddy X3R. Your prompt attention so far is refreshing to me as a consumer! Please feel free to use my statement and name in any way that benefits your company" Donnie M., Florence, SC (September 2009)

"That’s great service. Thank you! I hope you will be getting additional cart sales through our Club. I have been getting a lot of positive comments and questions about the Bat Caddy. ... In any case the Bat Caddy X3R is really fantastic; it makes walking a pleasure and I’m sure it will be a big part of increasing the longevity of my “Bionic” knees." Dave R., Mattapoisett, MA (August 2009)

"..I am still totally satisfied with my Bat-Caddy. I have probably used my X3R more in 7 months than most people will use it in 3 years. By now I have over 125 rounds on my cart. Even after paying for the cart, I have saved over $1000 in cart fees by now." Gene K, Rome, GA (August 2009)


"Now that I have become the talk of the club, I hope you receive many orders for your Bat Caddy. Other members and myself are amazed at the ease of operation, light weight, cost & overall function of the X3R." Ernie S., Kent, CT; (July 2009)

"...We have been using the X3R Bat-Caddy, and we are very happy, sincerely, we are pleased! I am sure that I recently sold a couple from our local golf course. They tested it out and seemed ready to close!" Michael C., Long Island, NY; (July 2009)

"Just a note to say how my spouse is enjoying the Bat-Caddy. It works well and has drawn the attention of others due to its more compact size. Even the attendants at the Pro Shop and storage appreciate it, since they find it easier to maneuver than other models. Our golf course is quite uneven with a lot of different elevations. The Bat-Caddy never hesitates. My wife is very happy to have it!" Doug G., Owen Sound, ON Canada; (June 2009)

"I certainly have a lot of confidence in the Bat-Caddy brand, and usually if I talk to folks, that is what they end up purchasing!" Tracy J., Golf Caddy Retailer, GolfPowerCarts, Houston, TX; (June 2009)

"...By the way, I ran into a fellow Bat-Caddy person and he loved his as well. Additionally, he said that the customer service was excellent which is what I have experienced as well." Brent S., Arlington, VA (June 2009)

"I am very happy with my shipment of the Bat-Caddy X3R. The product has certainly lived up to my expectations. It took a couple of times out to get a feel for the cart. The bag that you put on the cart should be equal in weight on each side so as to minimize the need to alter the direction of the cart. The battery never seems "to need" a charge, however, I charge it a couple hours after each round. Our course is hilly and it takes the hills with no problem. I also like the way you can adjust the speed. The first time out I didn't realize that if you hit the remote button several times it actually goes faster than you can walk - a great feature for me since I play rather fast. Also, the range of the remote allows me to leave my bag and go to the tee and still be able to direct the cart from over 100 yards away. Again, I am very satisfied with the product and would certainly recommend it for anyone who wants to free themselves of carrying a bag." Dick L., Wyantskill, NY (June 2009)

"...I love the X3R unit! I see others that guys paid a LOT more for and can't see what they do different than the Bat-Caddy" Jim M, Akron, OH (May 2009)

"I want to let you know that the Bat-Caddy is just what the doctor ordered for me. I have a friend that has tried several bargain carts with no satisfaction. After my research I ordered the Bat-Caddy X3R and I have now used it for three rounds. It is incredible! I can't tell if the battery has lost power after 18 holes and I have tried to make it turn over and it won't do it. Great value!" Bob S., Castle Rock, CO (May 2009)

"I would like you to know that your Service Manager took my call after hours yesterday while he was driving home, and was extremely helpful in trying to diagnose the battery issue with my older caddy. It is refreshing to run across an individual like him who seemed genuinely concerned about my problem and how to correct it. I thought you should be aware of this and that you have an employee of such high caliber." Bob W., Kansas City, MO (May 2009)
"I appreciate your willingness to satisfy your customers and your ability to respond to their inquiries so quickly. I have a friend here in Aiken, SC that will be placing an order with you soon as he has seen my two caddies in operation and I have told him about your great customer service. Again. thanks for backing your product so completely!" Dennis D., Aiken, SC (May 2009)

"I feel very strongly that the Bat-Caddy far outshines the expensive Kangaroo. I also feel as the other carts break down that the guys at my course will replace their carts with the Bat-Caddy. The other thing that I'm aware of is the replacement costs of any parts on the Kangaroo is very expensive. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Bat Caddy and the support that your company provides. Your support of the Bat-Caddy far exceeds all the other carts at my course. I would think that anyone that looked at the price of a Kangaroo vs. a Bat-Caddy wouldn't even consider purchasing the Kangaroo. You can purchase three Bat Caddies for the same price as the Kangaroo! Sincerely, Charlie K., Harrisonburg, VA (May 2009)

"I am in receipt of my new Bat-Caddy X3R electronic golf cart. I am extremely happy with the manner in which my order was processed and delivered. Assembly was completed in a matter of minutes and before you knew it, I was in the driveway on a "test run". Much to my surprise, accessories were also included!" Charles R., Montville, NJ (April 2009)

"I received and am very pleased with your X3R caddy. You even included the additional accessories that I wanted to trade in for the cost of my extra battery. You are truly representative of a customer oriented business……..and to that I say thank you very much" Steve L., Madison, VA (April 2009)

"I played yesterday and one of my friends who enjoys walking and usually carries a "Sunday bag" was having some problems due to a recent illness. I suggested that I carry his bag for a few holes and he could "steer" my Bat-Caddy. He quickly got the hang of it and commented how it was a pretty cool idea. We talked after the round and I believe that he's seriously interested in the whole concept, as he has some health issues and we both enjoy walking. It is a walking game after all!" Wayne K., Cape Cod, MA (April 2009)

"All our customers are very happy with your product and customer service. We continue to push your caddies over other brands in our portfolio" Golf Caddy Retailer (March 2009)

"My husband received his gift, the Bat-Caddy X3R and has used it already on the course---he loves it and says that he is less tired walking 18 holes---I think you may be getting more orders---the guys yesterday were pretty interested--thanks so much! Now I want one-----maybe in awhile" Hillary W., Harrisonburg, VA (March 2009)

"Bat-Caddy ... you are terrific! If I have an opportunity to recommend Bat-Caddy ... you can bet I will. Thanks again for the great service" Tracey F., Pomona, CA (March 2009)

"I received my Bat-Caddy and was able to use it a couple of rounds this weekend. It is a great cart! I had purchased the Superbug and returned it. The Bat-Caddy cost me a little bit more but was worth every penny. The Bat-Caddy is a great cart for the price!" Gene K., Rome, GA (Feb. 2009)

"It is rare indeed that a company president takes the time to respond to customers; such dedication to good service will be long remembered and will certainly lead this customer to recommend you to all who will listen. Thank you again!" Bob F., Aiken, SC (Jan. 2009)

"You are truly an upstanding company who I like doing business with now and in the future! Not many companies in this time and age will try any harder to satisfy their customers. I started a painting business when I retired a couple of years ago, and this is the same attitude that I have with my customers. I don't leave until they are happy! Maybe someday I can meet you in person and shake your hand" Dean C., Lexington, KY (Dec. 2008)

"I play over 200 rounds of golf every year. At over 60 I feel that walking is the best exercise for my health. The Bat Caddy allows me to walk the course with the least amount pressure on my back. I've had back problems for over 40 years, and the electric cart is just the thing that one needs to cut out those steep climbs while pushing your cart up a hill. Most of the guys I play with have an electric cart of some nature, but they purchased at almost double the price of the Bat Caddy. Their carts are quite noisy in comparison to the Bat Caddy. This allows me to continue movement in most cases without disturbing another golfer getting ready to hit their shot." Charlie K., Harrisonburg, VA (Nov. 2008)

"Thanks for your help. Doing business with you is a pleasure!" Richard C., Seymour, TN (Nov. 2008)

" I've been walking the course for a while and cannot get over how much more energy it takes using a 3 wheel push cart and the toll that it takes on one's back, and in my case, my arthritic hip. My scores certainly reflect it, and I can't wait until tomorrow when I get to use my Bat-Caddy again. Using the Bat-Caddy is like taking a stress less walk in the park. I love using it!" Wayne K., Cape Cod, MA (Nov. 2008)

"Wow! Thanks so much. Your company has the best customer service, and you can use my testimonials any time!" Dan H.; Santa Rosa, CA (October 2008)

"Your service handling is greatly appreciated, and I will be letting people know that there are still some good folks out there..." Jim B; Asheville, NC (October 2008)

"Thank you for sending the part for my X3R and your advice in using it. I have read the many testimonials regarding the exceptional customer service your company provides and now I know why. I have never had this great service from any company, especially online service where you need to wait forever in getting any response. My Bat Caddy is beginning to be a big hit with my golf club and my golf mates are amazed at the sleek design and how well it operates, and the great price. ...so far the Bat Caddy has performed better than my expectations." Bernard O., Torrance, CA (October 2008)

"This is true story about my new Bat-Caddy X3R. I entered the USGA Public Links Qualifier tournament in June. It was a one day 36 hole event that allows pull carts. It was a perfect opportunity to find out the quality and strength of the Bat-Caddy. The X3R handled the first 18 holes without any problems. I brought my charger and plugged in the battery for about one hour between rounds and then started the second 18 holes. The charge lights on the Bat-Caddy never showed less then Full Charge and it performed perfectly without any problems. It's like having a caddy without the cost. Although my course includes the riding cart with the paid green fee I now prefer to walk with my remote controlled Bat-Caddy. Also, the caddy is so adjustable and easy to use. I have used other electric caddies but this is the first one that makes a huge difference in convenience and enjoyment. Congratulations on a great product!!." Dr. Rob I., Hillsborough, NJ (July 2008)

"I'm still very, very happy with my Bat Caddy X3R after more than 100 rounds since March and look forward to each day with it on the course. It's fun to use, it's helped me loose more than 20 pounds in two months and my handicap dropped six strokes in one two week period. Also, as always you responded to my order and questions more precisely and quickly than I expected - you always exceed expectation - Thank You!!!" Joe G., Pittsburgh, PA (June 2008)

"Thank you for your understanding. This is what customer service is all about. Making a superior product that enhances the golf experience by making it more enjoyable and adds so much value to every round. I appreciate your immediate response to every question and going beyond the call of duty. You really stand for the principle of complete customer satisfaction before profits!" Joe S., Tucson, AZ (May 2008)

"That is fantastic news that you managed to ship my X3R order in time for Mother's Day for my wife! I am amazed by your level of service, customer care and concern. I can almost guarantee that we will buy a second unit from you for Father's Day!" Rob C., Meredith, NH (May 2008)

"Thank you so much! Not only do you have a great cart but your customer support is outstanding! There is one fellow at our course who is very dismayed with his motorized cart from an outfit on the West Coast. He had trouble with the wheels on it and he can't get in touch with them anymore" Mark K., Paris, IL (April 2008)

"I wanted to let you know that I’ve gone out with the Bat-Caddy X3R a few times and am totally satisfied with it. Actually, it has generated quite a stir at my home course. You will be seeing more orders very soon." Rob S., Lexington, MA (April 2008)

"I managed to get out this past Sunday with my X3R and again the rest of my foursome could not stop admiring my Bat Caddy. My personal enjoyment only grows as I become more adept while operating the remote control feature. Now I know how the Pros feel as they stroll from the fairway directly to the green with only their putter in hand as the Bat Caddy rolls off to the side of the green to wait for me. What a pleasure it is to play a round without being tethered to a pull cart or the added walking to and from a gas cart as a result of the many "cart path only" courses! Thanks again for everything." Ken G., Wallington, NJ (April 08)

"I've played every day since 25 Mar 08 and I couldn't be happier with the Bat-Caddy X3R. It easily out performs my old Club Runner in speed, power, and quietness. You were correct about it's speed - I do have to break into a slow jog to keep up with it on the level when the rheostat is set to top speed. It easily handles the hilly holes at our Western Pennsylvania course and it's almost as much fun operating the Bat-Caddy around the course as it is to play golf. Last week I tested your claim that it could handle 27 holes in one day without a recharge. Today I played 36 holes and the performance on the 36th was as good as it was on the first..." Joseph G., Laughlintown, PA (April 2008)

"Your almost immediate reply to my voice mail shocked me. You really mean it when you say your company is customer oriented. I've played two rounds in two days, and I'm VERY, VERY happy with my Bat Caddy X3R. It performs as advertised and allows me to play as though a person were carrying my bag. Once my ball is on the green I grab my putter and send the BC toward the next tee. I found that after each shot it is best to aim it correctly and then send it off in front of me at near max speed. This enables me to walk (trying to keep up with it) toward my ball and keep an eye on it for directional adjustments. Even though the temp today is supposed to be in the low 40's and there's a chance of rain, I can't wait to finish lunch and get back to the course." Joe G., Pittsburgh, PA (March 2008)

"Once again thank you for your prompt attention to my questions and needs. Your customer service and post sales support are second to none. It is a pleasure to deal with a company and owner who displays good old values, such as trust, honesty, generosity and dedication to excellence!" John S., Somerset, NJ (Mar. 2008)

"Your professional, confident, knowledgeable and customer oriented demeanor, the absence of "salesman pushiness" and your timely and personal responses to my e-mails gave me the confidence in your company and product and led me to make the decision to buy a Bat-Caddy." Joseph G, Laughlintown, PA (March 2008)

"Wow!!! Got the first shipment of 3 X3R carts in on Thursday and as soon as I put them on the floor and showed what they can do they were sold! I think this is going to be a home run for us, our members and for you! What I would like to do is order 5 more units of the X3Rs immediately. Plus I would like to use one for myself." Jon S., Head Pro, Huntsville, AL (Feb. 2008)

"I have used my Bat-Caddy X3R now over 30 rounds and must say that it lived up to everything it was advertised for! In two months I lost 10 pounds and the Bat-Caddy probably added 5 years to my life. My wife is in love with it and two of my buddies intend to purchase one, too. I previously played with a riding cart and by saving the rental cart fees the Bat-Caddy has already paid for itself. Congratulations on a great product!" Hal D., Knoxville, TN (Feb. 2008)

"After several uses of our new Bat Caddy X3R, we are absolutely delighted with the product. Electric carts are very popular at our club and our Bat Caddy (the first at the club) has caused a tremendous stir. We would fully expect you to receive several orders in the not too distant future. In fact, our club professional has said he intends to visit with you and see if he might be able to make Bat Caddy available to our membership." Scott & Debbie F., Madison, AL (Jan. 2008)

"This is a very impressive caddy in terms of design, performance and quality. As a 20 year golf equipment sales professional and former Golf Pro I am not amused easily about any golf product but I am very impressed by the Bat-Caddy. What a value for the money!" Al S., Golf Pro & Sales Professional, Atlanta, GA (May 2007)

"Finding a fully remote controlled power golf cart for under $1000 is hard, but finding one that does not compromise quality to achieve a low price is impossible...or at least was until now! We have offered the Bat-Caddy hand controlled motorized carts since 2005 with terrific results. We are now thrilled to introduce the Bat Caddy X3R fully remote golf cart, loaded with features normally reserved for carts costing twice as much." Tracy J., Golf Retailer, Houston, TX (Apr. 2007)

"I’m now the proud owner of your Bat-Caddy X3R. I must say that it is indeed a well engineered apparatus. I’m just delighted with it and today I took it to my local golf course and tried it out with great success! I’m just delighted with this cart. It folds up so beautifully, is easy to load, is very compact and stylish and works like a dream. A friend I play with saw it today and his words were “I’m so jealous”. Well, I just bet you will get some other orders from Paris, IL when the rest of the gang sees this :o).... I know that one of my buddies has already placed an order and another one just visited me at home to take a close look at it and said he was going to order one too! It's a real elegant and functional design and your customer service is amazingly fast when it comes to any questions!" Mark K., Paris, IL (Jan. 2008)

"Richard loves his new X3R and I think another friend of mine will purchase one from you, too. I played with both of these fellows yesterday and by the end of the round, Richard and I were both fresh but Phil had to drag his cart around and was pretty much exhausted. That pretty much sold him; that and also seeing it go up the hills so easily Your cart design actually sells itself, you know. Also, your testimonial page speaks volumes, as well as the service. I am a structural engineer and I design the equipment used to construct large smoke stacks. My work entails inventing the equipment, then analyzing it and then detailing all the parts, nuts and bolts, etc. I have found that the easier a piece of equipment is to use combined with the fewer the moving parts usually requires the most thinking. You have certainly put a lot of thought into your design and I commend you for it." Mark K., Paris, IL (Jan. 2008)

"I am recommending you because of your outstanding responsiveness and attention to customer service. I usually do not like to buy things on the internet because of lack of service, but you have been amazing in responding to my questions and solving an initial issue!" TJ S., Spartanburg, SC (Jan. 2008)

"First let me say how good the new X3R caddy is. It works as described. I am happy with your product and I am recommending it to all my friends who should be walking as I do. Thank you for the great customer service. I think you all are great!" Daniel C., Medford, MA (May 2007)

"I was looking for a top of the line remote controlled caddy, and I started searching for it with the big guys. However, after everything I have heard and read, I have to say that your X3R is by far the most impressive and price competitive remote controlled caddy in the market" Joe N., Savannah, GA

"Thank you very much. I appreciate your quick reply and the new strap for my X2 Pro. I have to say the cart you manufacture and your quality of service has been AA Excellent!" Leonard B., Dartmouth, MA

"I purchased a Bat Caddy X3R in 2007 and have been very impressed by the performance of this electric cart. I play about 4-5 times a week, so it gets a lot of use. It has loads of power for the uphill climbs and is well balanced and folds easily. It is getting quite a bit of attention from fellow club members who have invested substantially more for their carts...." Connie W., Nova Scotia, Canada (June 2007)

"I am beyond middle age, I enjoy golf and am concerned at maintaining a reasonable level of fitness, good news, I now do both. I am the proud owner of the Bat Caddy X3R, electric golf cart with remote control. I am free to walk the course without pushing, pulling or carrying, my body shape is changing as I get fitter, I am more flexible and hit the ball a little further, three strokes have disappeared, what more can I ask for? Beyond the obvious, my cart also has the seat accessory for handy storage of essentials and a convenient resting place when waiting on the tee. My only regret is that I did not get this wonderful equipment 10/20 years ago, if I had, both my handicap and waist measurement would be lower. This is a great investment for all golfers, one that repays many ways." John S., Somerset, NJ (May 2007)

"I wanted to express my great pleasure having had to deal with two very small issues with my new Bat-Caddy. First of all, I love the unit ! Secondly your level of cooperation and after sales support has been second to none! I asked for a replacement charger and same was delivered in 3 days. I had a small plastic seal that fell off the axle area and this too was replaced in a matter of days ! This is great service ! Thanks in advance for your support and I hope that I do not have to call upon you any time soon , but i do know that if I have to I will be looked after. Well done!" Steve S., Montreal, QC, Canada (July 2007)

"I received my Bat-Caddy X3R. Used it and it is terrific. Everything you say about it is true and more." Jack S., Mashpee, MA

"I am enjoying my "Bat Caddy X2 Pro" very much. A few fellow golfers have remarked how compact it looks compared to others in the club. When I finish golfing I disconnect the battery and fold the cart in one move and place them in my vehicle. I have seen other golfers with batteries twice as large as mine & twice as heavy removing wheels and going through what is sometimes appears to be complicated disassembly. After 18 holes the battery is fully charged in just over 2 hours which I think is admirable. So all in all I am very pleased with my "Bat-Caddy" I definitely recommend it to my fellow golfers." Jim M., British Columbia, Canada (June 2007)

"I want to congratulate you on the way you're handling my warranty issue. Before I retired I was in the position of buying plastic injection molds that cost anywhere's from $100,000 to $1,000,000. I always rated my vendors by quality and "how they reacted to a problem with one of their molds". I always believed how much a company backs their product is what separates the good companies from the bad. If you were building molds and I was still working you'd definitely be on my preferred list." Courtney G., Waterford, WI (May 2007)

"What a nice unit! Solid and powerful. It took me a bit to get accustomed to the steering and speed controls, but once educated, it was a joy to use." Emerson T., Morrison, CO (June 2007)

"I finally got to take my new Bat Caddy X2 Pro out for its first official run yesterday. We played a course in Gilroy California called Eagle Ridge, a Johnny Miller course. It is a very hilly course and there are some long distances from green to the next tee, thus, a course I never walk. I figured it would be a good test for the Bat Caddy. I give the X2 Pro an "A" for its performance. The cart handled any difficult terrain and any hill it had to. I found the controls very simple and effective. I have never actually used an electric power-assisted cart before, so I wasn't sure quite how I would control the speed. With your cart, my hand held the handle gently while my index finger fine-tuned the speed when necessary. On any long, level straightaway, I just got the Caddy going at the right speed and walked along next to it. It was an excellent hike without having to kill myself pushing anything up a hill. And it does seem to me that a rear-wheel driven cart is likely to climb steep and sometimes slippery hills better than models like the Sun Mountain which pull with a front wheel drive. The Bat-Caddy is a winner and is also very competitively priced!" Dr. David S., M.D. , San Jose, CA (Feb 2007)

"I love your Bat-Caddy X3R! Thanks for your very prompt reply to my questions. I really appreciate your great customer service!" Stephen S., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I own a Kangaroo Hillcrest but I am extremely impressed with your remote controlled X3R which is lighter, more compact, more high tech looking and has more functionality at a fraction of the price of my Kangaroo! Where have you been when I purchased it?" Phil S., Franklin Square, NY (visitor at the 2007 New York Golf Expo) (January 2007)

"We looked at every caddy at the 2007 PGA Show and your models are by far the most impressive and competitive products as far as features, performance, design and price point are concerned. I can't wait to get them into my stores!" Mark M., Tupelo, MS, Golf Retailer (Jan. 2007)

"Your caddies are actually designed as electric push carts as opposed to some of the large companies which are now entering the business and whose products seem to be merely a retrofitted version of their regular push carts" Michael N., St. Petersburg, FL, Golf Retailer (Jan. 2007)

"I love the design of the X2 Pro, not only for its cool looks but also for its great weight distribution which makes turning easy while it still tracks straight like an arrow. The rear wheel drive of the Bat-Caddy X2 Pro is the only way to go! I do not understand why you would have a front wheel drive with all the weight on the front wheel when you need to lift this wheel in order to turn the caddy. Not only requires it a lot of power to lift it, but the wheel also spins and loses traction going uphill. Someone must have been dreaming at Sun Mountain!" Bruce B. San Mateo, CA (Jan 2007)

"After 2 1/2 years it's still a great product!" (2007) Philip D., Lake Forest, Illinois (2007)

"Don't try this at home.... Just about a week ago my friend who owns a "Bat-Caddy" was about to tee off on the 17th when the cart took a nice big plunge into the lake that was ten yards down and away from the tee box. He wasn't watching and it completely sunk to the bottom in about 4 feet of water. I was there and helped he and another golfer that was following our foursome fish it out. We watched as many of his tees floated away into the lake, even a sleeve of balls floated for awhile and then sank to the bottom, which by the way was about 20 feet deep just another foot or two from shore. The Bat-Caddy itself was almost lost after he unstrapped the bag. It was a steep incline to the bottom and it didn't take but a miraculous grab to catch it at the last second to save it from permanent deep sinking. As you can imagine everything was soaked. Bubbles came up and kept coming up until the whole outfit sat at the inclined bottom for a couple of minutes. Some thought it hilarious, some of us tried to save his stuff...but it was funny:-) He is a trooper, and so he finished 17 and 18, clubs slipping in his hand, bogeying the last two to finish the round at 79! But the Caddy was really on his mind as he pushed it toward the clubhouse for a good hosing down. Well I helped, cleaned all the clubs, hosed out the bag, then I took the Bat-Caddy home with me and let it dry out for a couple of days, went to an auto parts store, got some new fuses for it as the one that was in it blew out, and had the battery checked for charge.

"What a great product! You should be very happy...my buddy is! Best Wishes, Glenn L., Golf Pro, Miami, Florida" (2006)

"The Bat Caddy motorized golf cart is the power golf cart we found at the end of a long search for a value priced powered golf push cart that did not compromise quality. The Bat Caddy's lightweight alloy frame houses quality Nylon and polymer components, an easy two step, one click set up design, a whisper quiet yet powerful and efficient motor, and one of the lightest batteries in its class. The fit and finish of the Bat Caddy is excellent and the attention to detail is obvious. We have seen quite a few “cheap” motor caddies which are little more than retrofitted push carts, but they didn’t pass our smell test. The Bat-Caddy was the first we found in its price class that exceeded our high expectations." Tracy J., Golf Retailer, Houston, TX.


May 1, 2009; Leading US electric golf caddy brand Bat-Caddy branches out to Europe

September 24, 2008; Bat-Caddy has been selected for the 2008 Best of Northport Award in the Distribution Services category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).                                  

March 15, 2008; Golf Magazine, Long Island/Metro New York edition runs an editorial about the Bat-Caddy products and their features and benefits! READ ARTICLE

November 15, 2007; Golf Illustrated picks Bat-Caddy as one of the top choices for motorized golf push carts! READ ARTICLE

May 1, 2007: Bat-Caddy announces that it will be again a gold sponsor of the Executive Women's Golf Association (Long Island Chapter) to support the local golf community and the game of golf.

April 15, 2007; Bat-Caddy launches nationwide and regional advertising campaign with the Golfing Magazine, Golf Illustrated and other publications to enhance the remarkable growth and success of its innovative line of motorized push carts. SEE AD

January 2, 2007; Bat-Caddy to exhibit and launch 2007 motorized golf cart models at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL from Jan. 25-27.

October 7, 2007;  The EZGO trolley was featured in the Golf Europe 2007 show in Munich, Germany.

November 17, 2007; Bat-Caddy launches brand new 2007 electric golf cart models of its fully remote controlled X3R and manually controlled X2 Pro electric push cart.

July 7, 2006; Bat-Caddy electric self propelled golf push carts listed in July/August edition of Golf Illustrated "What's Hot" section.

The Remote Controlled Bat-Caddy X3R was launched at the 2006 PGA Merchandise Show & Convention.

January 5, 2006, Huntington, NY. Announced today the participation in the PGA 2006 Merchandise Show and the launch of the new Bat-Caddy X3R, a fully remote controlled version of its successful Bat-Caddy - Electric Golf Caddy product line.

Dec. 7, 2004, Huntington, NY. Announced the launch of the Bat-Caddy – Electric Golf Caddy product line.