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Bat Caddy X3 Sport Lithium Electric Golf Caddy

  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - Best Seller/Free Accessories
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - with Golf Bag
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - Folded View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - Handle
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - Free Accessories
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - Free Accessories
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - Free Accessories/Front View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - Front Wheel
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model  - Rear Wheel
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model  - Battery
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - Front Side View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model  - Front View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model  - Left Front Side View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - Left Side View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model  - Rear Left Side View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - Rear View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model  - Right Rear Side View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model  - Right Side View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - 2019 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model  - Front Right View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - Bat Caddy X3 Model - Colored Wheel Options
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - Bat Caddy X3 Model - Battery Options
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - Bat Caddy X3 Model - Battery Options and Charger
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - Bat Caddy X3 Model - Black Color - Folded View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - Bat Caddy X3 Sport Li Model - White Color - Front Side View
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - Bat Caddy X3 Model - White Color - Side View Image
  • Electric Non Remote Golf Caddy - Bat Caddy X3 Model - White Color - Left Front Side View Image

Bat Caddy X3 Sport Lithium Electric Golf Caddy

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Availability: On Back Order in the entire U.S. (Est Ship Date is ~mid/late June; Only Silver & Black Available; NO White). (Signature required unless waived before shipment). Due to spike in demand, bat caddy is ONLY taking orders with same frame/wheel colo

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Product Description

Bat Caddy X3 Sport Lithium Electric Golf Caddy Cart Trolley -  BUY FROM THE #1 TRUSTED Site for Remote/Non-Remote Control Electric Golf Caddies! (In Business since 2005). Call Us to Learn More about SPECIAL OFFERS! (702) 723-8348.

For a limited time, we are offering the 2020 Bat Caddy X3 Lithium (formerly "Bat Caddy X3 Lithium"), Manually (Non-Remote) Controlled Electric Golf Trolley, for $799.95 (16/20 Ah Lithium Ion Battery - Good for Up to 45 Holes per Charge) or $899.95 (25 Ah Lithium Ion Battery - Good for Up to 54 Holes per Charge) - (MSRP - $1,189.95) with FREE SHIPPING (Savings of $60.00) to all U.S. customers (excluding AK and HI - we currently do not ship to AK and HI).  Includes Battery and Charger.  SPECIAL PROMOTION:  For orders placed on or before 6/7, we will also include the complete accessory set:  Cup Holder, Umbrella Holder & Scorecard Holder - ($170.00 Value - ABSOLUTELY FREE!!).     BONUS PROMOTION (Current selection is limited based on availability) For a limited time, we are also including the smart phone gps holder or carrying bag or rain cover or sand bottle or seat  (Up to $50.00 value - ABSOLUTELY FREE!!) plus you have the option to UPGRADE to the 12V 25Ah Lithium Battery (Good for Up to 54 Holes per Charge) for ONLY $50.00 (Reg $100)!



BONUS PROMOTION (Current selection is limited based on availability):




SmartPhone GPS Holder/Carry Bag/Rain Cover/Sand Bottle/Seat

Bat Caddy X3 Sport Lithium model is on back order in the entire U.S.  (Est Ship Date is ~mid/late June; ONLY Silver & Black available; NO White).  (Signature required unless waived before shipment).  Once your order ships, you will receive the shipment tracking information via email.  Due to the huge spike in demand, bat caddy is only taking orders with same frame & wheel colors (please DO NOT mix/match colors during checkout).

If you are interested in the less expensive sealed lead acid battery (Bat Caddy X3 Sport SLA Model)  - Click Here!

To compare all the Bat Caddy models - Click Here!

Electric Motorized Battery Powered Golf Bag Cart



1. Light-Weight Frame (18.7 lbs)
2. Timed Advance Function (10, 20, 30 meters/yards)
3. USB Port
4. LCD Display/Speed Indicator
5. Cruise Control
6. Manual Seamless Rheostat
7. Lithium-Ion Option - 16/20Ah (up to 45 holes/charge) or 25 Ah (up to 54 holes/charge)
8. Ability to upgrade from SLA to Li-Ion battery later
9. Bat Caddy has sold more units in the U.S. than any other electric cart company
10. Known for Great Customer Service
11. Has Multiple Service Centers in the U.S.

12. 1 Year Warranty on the Caddy and SLA Battery, 2 Year Prorated on Lithium Battery

Overview of the Different Bat Caddy Models (All Models are available with SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) or Lithium Battery Option:

R Models (X3R/X4R/X8R): Dual Motors with Remote Control.  Top of the line Bat-Caddy models with Remote Control and Manual Hand Control.
Pro Models (X4 Pro/X8 Pro): 
Dual Motors without Remote Control but with option to add Remote Control later. This model has braking system.
Sport Models (X4 Sport/X3 Sport)
Single Motor, Non-Remote. These caddies have USB Charging Port + 10/20/30yd Timer compared to the "Classic" Models.
Classic Models (X3 Classic/X4 Classic): 
Single Motor without Remote. Simple manual control operation.
Model Comparison (3 Series/4 Series/8 Series)

  • 3 Series have a simple frame design
  • 4 & 8 Series have a sleek European Frame Design
  • Rear wheels increase in size as you upgrade from 3 Series, 4 Series to the 8 Series for added stability on the golf course
  • 8 Series folds up smaller (and weighs 2 lbs less) than the 4 series and comes standard with the dual anti-tip wheel
  • 4 Series have a frame design that protects the front wheel

Bat-Caddy X3 Sport Lithium Golf Caddy - 2020

The 2020 Bat Caddy X3 Sport Lithium Golf Caddy is our second highly innovative manually (non remote) controlled electric battery powered golf caddy with even more features, functionality and performance at world-class quality and very competitive pricing. The X3 Sport Li design has been modeled after the successful concept of our popular and proven flagship remote controlled X3R model. It features a lightweight high tech aluminum frame with an easy-to-use one click/one piece set up and fold design, a powerful quiet 200 Watt motor, a seamless rheostat speed control with battery charge indicator, timed advance distance (10, 20, 30 meters/yards), cruise control function, USB port and a more powerful, long-lasting 35/36Ah sealed lead acid battery or with an option to upgrade to the super light, compact and environmentally friendly 20 or 25Ah Lithium battery. The trolley can also be easily pushed without battery power, so you will never be stuck out on the course. The X3 Sport Li differentiates itself from the X2 Pro by its larger, stronger battery, the additional timed advance function (automatic 10, 20 30 yards advancements), USB port, and the elegant S-shape frame designed after its bigger remote controlled brother, the X3R.

The X3 Sport Li is without doubt one of the highest performance and well equipped manually controlled battery golf push carts in the market for motorized golf push carts, and like our other models it represents what really counts in this market: A Great Balance between Functionality, Performance, Practicality and Value!

Bat Caddy X3 Sport Lithium 2020 Battery Golf Cart Features at a Glance

  • High Tech Aluminum Alloy S-Frame and Durable Components - Light weight yet durable and strong components are the key ingredient for a high quality caddy and a lasting positive experience. Bat-Caddy uses only high grade aluminum and stainless steel for its key components, such as the frame, gear boxes and axles.
  • 2020 models come now in 3 great frame colors: space silver, matte black, glossy white with mix and matching wheels in silver, black or white with yellow inlays
  • Powerful, Quiet, Fast Motor - The X3 Sport Li features a powerful 200 Watt, very quiet DC electric motors. Works and lasts like a tank!!!
  • Rear Wheel Drive - Both rear wheels are propelled via a steel gearbox and axle, so the cart does not lose traction uphill nor does it spin the front wheel while lifting or turning, unlike with all front wheel drive caddies. Beware of front wheel drive caddies which also have the motor weight that needs to be lifted every time you turn!! The Bat-Caddy Golf Caddy is smartly designed as an electric golf push cart and not just a retrofitted push cart!
  • Off- Power Freewheeling Mode Feature - In Off-Power mode the X3 is completely free wheeling, so even if you ever run out of battery power you can push the X3 just like a manual push cart!! Many caddies don't have this capability and you will be stuck on the course if you lose power!
  • Lightweight and Efficient 12V 35/36Ah Battery - Sufficient for up to 45 Holes on a full charge! NEW: Upgradable to a super light, compact and environmentally friendly 20 or 25Ah Lithium battery with 3 times the charging cycle life time and more than 36 holes per charge. Charger included.
  • High Tech, Rubberized Adjustable Front and Wide Track Rear Drive Wheels with Magnesium Look Rims for easy maneuverability and superior traction - Smooth turning, great traction on wet inclines and NEVER left out on the course with a flat tire! The front wheel comes with rounded edges and strengthened rubber tread optimizes turning and abrasion resistance on rough surfaces. In addition the front wheel can be adjusted with a tracking adjustment mechanism.
  • Innovative Handle Functions - The newly designed T-Handle controls include a 3 LED battery charge indicator, an On/Off button, timed advance function controls (advance 10, 20, 30 meters/yards), cruise control function, USB port to charge your cell phone or GPS as well as the manual seamless speed control rheostat button. This handle emphasizes the high tech design of the X3R and gives you total control over the caddy at all times.
  • Weatherproof - The Bat-Caddy X3 Sport Li also has a weatherproof design, i.e. the heart of the electronics, the controller box, is installed in a water resistant sealed plastic compartment underneath the battery, so no water can penetrate from below or above. The handle design and the wiring are equally water resistant, so your caddy will be reliable even in the wettest conditions. We guarantee that you will quit before the X3 does!
  • Easy One-Click Fold Design - collapses into one piece (not two or three like others) in seconds to fit in any vehicle trunk - No engineering degree required!!
  • An anti-tip wheel retrofit assembly can be added as an option. 
  • Useful and innovative accessories, such as scorecard holder, umbrella holder, beverage holder, carrying bag, seat, GPS holder, rain cover or a sand dispenser bottle can complement the X3 package.  

Technical Specifications X3 Sport Lithium - 2020

Handle Functions:  Manual seamless Rheostat Control, Timed Advance Function (10, 20, 30 M/Y), Cruise Control, Battery Charge Indicator, Function: Forward, Stop; USB Port
Motor:  Power: 1 x 200 Watt, 12 V DC Electric
Drive Train:  Rear Wheel Drive, Gear Ratio (17:1)
Battery:  Power: 12V, 35/36Ah, Dimension: 8" x 5" x 6", Weight: ca. 25 Lbs, Average Charge Time: 4-8 Hours, Lifetime: ca. 150+ charges* NOW ALSO: 12V 20 or 25Ah Lithium Battery @ only 6 lbs and Up to 1000 charges
Charger:  Input: 110-240V AC, Output: 12V/2A-3A DC Trickle Charger
Weight:  Net Weight Caddy: 18.7 Lbs (8.5kg), Net Weight Battery: 20 Lbs (9 kg), Li Battery: 6 Lbs; Total Net Weight: 24.6 - 39 Lbs (11-17.6 kg)
Speed:  5.4 m/h (8.6km/h)
Distance/Range:  15 miles (25 km)/10-12 h/27-36+ Holes
Dimensions: Unfolded:  Length: 46", Width: 20", Height: 39"
Dimensions: Folded:  Length: 34", Width: 20", Height: 16"
Rear Wheels:  Airless, rubberized tread, Quick Release Mechanism
Front Wheels:  Airless, rubberized tread
Materials:  Frame: Aluminum, Bag Support: ABS
Colors:  Oxidized Silver, Matte Black, Glossy White; Wheels: Silver, Black, White
Optional Accessories:  Rain Cover, GPS Holder, Sand Dispenser
Warranty:  1 Year on all Parts & Labor, 1 Year on battery
Packaging:  Type: Cardboard Box, Styrofoam Cushioning, Dimensions: 35 x 21 x 13”, Gross Weight: 55 Lbs (25 kg)

Bat Caddy Video:



How To Assemble Your Bat Caddy Cart:


*Life of sealed lead acid and any other batteries is dependent on a variety of factors, other than purely the number of charges, including but not limited to frequency between charges, duration of charge, level of drainage, idle time, storage conditions and duration and overall shelf time. We cover our batteries according to our warranty policy and any potential additional coverage is at our discretion.

Note: Bat-Caddy reserves the right to modify/upgrade any components during a model year, so illustrations on our website, brochures and manuals may slightly vary from the actual product shipped. However, Bat-Caddy guarantees that specifications and functionality will be always equal or better from the advertised product. Promotional accessories may also vary from illustrations shown on our website and other publications.



 *Information presented herein are deemed reliable but not guaranteed (for comparative purposes only). Seat and carry bag are no longer complimentary but are available for purchase.







Remote (R) / Non‐Remote (N):
Folded Dim L x W x H inches:
Cart Weight:
18.7 lbs; Total Net Weight: 24.6 - 39 Lbs (11-17.6 kg) including battery
Standard Battery Duration:
27 Holes
Standard Battery Weight:
Net Weight Battery: 25 Lbs, Li Battery: 6 Lbs
1 x 200 Watt 12V DC Electric
Cart Limited Warranty:
1 year
Battery Warranty:
1 year
Available Accessories:
Cup holder, Umbrella holder, Carrying bag, Rain cover, Sand dispenser, Seat, Scorecard holder
Off Power Free wheeling Mode:
Air Tires:
Made in:
Available Colors:
White, Black, Silver
Standard Battery:
35/36 Ah SLA; Dimensions: 8x5x6 in; Weight: 25 lbs; Average charge time: 4-8 hours; Performance/Charge: Up to 45 holes; Lifetime: 150+ charges
Lithium Battery:
12V 20 or 25Ah LI; Dim: 5.25x4.25x2.75 in; Weight: 6 lbs; Average charge time: 4-6 hours; Performance/charge: Up to 54 holes; Lifetime: Up to 1000 charges
Control Functions:
Manual Seamless Rheostat, Cruise Control, Function: Forward/stop; Timed Advance function (10, 20, 30 m/y); Battery Charge Indicator, Power ON/Off
Drive Train:
Rear Wheel Drive, gear ratio (17:1)
Handle Height Adjustment:
Introduced Year:
Type: Cardboard box/styrofoam: Dimensions: 35x21x14 in; gross weight: 55 lbs

Warranty Information

Any warranty covering products sold by Motogolf.com is the warranty provided by the manufacture of those products.


Motogolf.com wants to make sure all customers are happy with their purchase. For that reason, you may return any of our items for a refund less Up to 30% restocking fee. This charge covers the fee charged by the logistics company for checking and restocking of the returned product. Also included in this charge is the original shipping cost by Federal Express or UPS, and credit card processing charges charged by the credit card processing company on both the original debit charge and the subsequent credit payment. The items must be returned within 15-30 days of purchase and the items must be in new condition with all factory packaging and literature in its original condition. If the items show obvious sign of use it will not be accepted and no refund will be issued. The items must be post-marked no later than 15-30 days from order date. No exceptions. You MUST contact us via email or telephone prior to returning any product. Many of our products are returned directly to our manufacturer, not to us. If any these items is returned to us, it maybe forwarded to the manufacturer at your expense. Most items we sell have warranties from the manufacturer, so after 15-30 days you should deal directly with them. Please contact the manufacturer via telephone or email. We do not act as agents on their behalf. The manufacturer will not be able to issue a full refund since they never received the full retail price. Any refund beyond the dealer’s return policy will be at their full discretion. No cancellations on special order items once the order has been placed. For order cancellations prior to shipment, we will need to assess a handling & credit card processing fee of 3% which will be deducted from the refund.

For Bat Caddy's Complete Warranty Policy - go to our FAQ page under Bat Caddy: https://www.motogolf.com/pages/FAQ.html


Bat Caddy USA Office Hours

Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am through 5:00 pm EST and PST. If lines are busy, after hours, or on weekends/Holidays please leave a voice message with the responsible department in your regional area or send us an e-mail, and we will get back to you by the next official business day or earlier. Contacting the correct department with your inquiry will speed up the response. Please do not contact multiple departments with the same request, as this might create confusion/duplication and may cause a delay in responding to your inquiry. We pride ourselves to having the best and most responsive customer service in the industry, fastest response time, most complete inventory of spare parts shipped out of multiple locations for faster delivery!

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Product Reviews

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  • Great price, great caddy

    Posted by Tricia on 16th Nov 2019

    I ordered a bat caddy X3 sport lithium electric caddy on Saturday, October 26, 2019. It was delivered on Tuesday, October 29. I have used it 4 times and I love it. I bought it based on recommendations of others I golf with and I am really happy I did. It is easy to use and relieves the pressure on my knees from pushing a regular push cart.

  • Pictures not always correct

    Posted by Tony on 15th Sep 2019

    Purchased the the x3 sport on 9/10/2019
    Received on 9/13. Used it for 18 holes on 9/15. This is my first powered cart. Overall I am pleased with the purchase. But pictures and description is not always accurate. There is no speed indicator on this model. It seems they may have removed it on the 2019 version not sure. The speed dial moves very easy. So its a little hard to dial in the speed especially while you are rolling down the fairway. But I do get used to it and accepted. I would still recommend the cart.

  • Love It

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2016

    Bobby M., Lubbock, TX - December 5th 2014

    I love this cart. Really helps me to be able to walk while playing by taking the stress off my back caused by pushing a regular cart.

  • Profoundly Pleased

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2016

    Rusty Seltz, St. Paul, MN

    November 4th 2014

    I did considerable research prior to purchasing my Bat-Caddy and having been the owner of two other brands of electric trolleys, I knew what I was looking for.

    I have been profoundly pleased with my X3-It simply consistently does what it should. A couple of minor mechanical issues were addressed more than promptly and completely by the service staff.

    I even bought another for my wife, and I would not have taken responsibility for that decision without complete faith in the machine and the people standing behind it.

  • Best Cart Out There

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2016

    August 9th 2014

    I have had my Bat-caddy x3 for 3 months. I play 4 days a week. This cart has helped my game so much. I am not tired when I finish my round so I can hit cleaner shots. The quality of the cart and accessories is wonderful. I had a few questions when I first bought the cart and the sales rep was always there to help me.....no voice mail, a real person answering the phone! Highly recommend and the price is great.

  • Best Golf Purchase Ever

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2016

    Posted by Philip G. - 29th Jul 2013

    I love my X3. It has made walking my course on "Feels Like" 114 temp days
    possible--wouldn't be able to do it without it. It has performed as
    advertised, if not better. The one minor problem I experienced was handled
    quickly and with no hassles. I even received a folllow-up call to make sure
    I was pleased with their service and replacement part. My X3 has been my
    best golf purchase ever. Thanks Bat-Caddy

  • Just What I wanted

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2016

    Larry; Ventura, CA - 29th Jul 2013

    Just what I wanted. I like the ease of setting up, the lightness and the
    timed advanced function.

  • Happy Golfer

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2016

    chantall - 29th Jul 2013

    love my new trolley ....its super easy to unfold and to use
    battery has lasted me for 3 rounds of 18 holes easily
    the only thing that does not function properly is the umbrella holder it is
    really bad quality and I had to have one made for me

  • 2nd Bat Caddy, Great Performance

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2016

    Paul A., Grand Blancs, MI - 29th Jul 2013

    This is my second Bat Caddy, I have one in South Carolina and one in
    Michigan. So far performance and warrenty support have been great.

  • I am Very Happy Bat Caddy X3 Owner

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2016

    Ed, Michigan - 29th Jul 2013

    .....and had a couple of the Sun Mountain Dynamis "mules" for a few years
    before that....and love the X3. I purchased the X3 and not the X3R because I
    wanted to check out the design and construction, which I find outstanding
    except for a few minor issues...among them the covered front wheel housing
    which accumulates grass prodigiously....I see the X4 series has an open
    design and I also may step up in class to the X4R.

    I purchased my X3 directly from BatCaddy and wish to do so in the future. I
    did have interaction with your technicians and found them outstanding to
    match the quality of your product.

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