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Product Manuals

Product Manuals

For your convenience, product manuals for many of the caddies offered here at motogolf.com are available for download below. If you're looking for a manual not listed here, please check the manufacturer's website or send us an email.

*Product manuals are in .pdf format and require Adobe Reader or an equivalent program to view.


Alligator 100% Waterproof Remote Control Caddy - Download
Alligator 100% Waterproof Remote Control Caddy (Supplement) - Download


Alphard Club Booster - Download

Bag Boy

Bag Boy Navigator Quad - Download
Bag Boy Hunter Quad - Download
Bag Boy Coaster Quad - Download

Bat Caddy

Bat-Caddy X2 Pro - Download
Bat-Caddy X3 Series ( X3 | X3Pro | X3R ) - Download
Bat-Caddy X4 Series ( X4 Classic | X4 Sport | X4R ) - Download
Bat-Caddy X8 Series ( X8R ) - Download


CaddyTrek User Manual v1.06 - Download
CaddyTrek S-Series User Manual - Download


Cart-Tek GRX 1155R - Download
Cart-Tek GRX 1175R - Download
Cart-Tek GRX 1200R - Download
Cart-Tek GRX 1185R - n/a
Cart-Tek GRX 860 - Download
Cart-Tek GRI 975Li - Download
Cart-Tek GRX 950 - Download
Cart-Tek GRX 1250Li - Download
Cart-Tek GRX 1300R/1350Li - Download
Cart-Tek GRX 1500Li - Download


Clubrunner Caddie - Download

FTR CaddyTrek

CaddyTrek - Download

Hill Billy

Hill Billy Owners Manual - Download

Lectronic Kaddy

Lectronic Kaddy Dyna-Steer - Download


MGI Zip Quick Starter Guide - Download
MGI Zip X1 - Download
MGI Zip X3 - Download
MGI Zip X3 (Update) - Download
MGI Zip X5 - Download
MGI Zip Navigator - Download
MGI Hunter - Download
MGI Coaster - Download
MGI Navigator - Download
MGI Automatic Battery Charger - Download
MGI Zip Accessory Assembly - Download


Motocaddy S Series - Download
Motocaddy M1 Pro & M3 Pro - Download
Motocaddy S1 Pro & S3 Pro - Download
Motocaddy S7 - Download
Motocaddy M-Series Seat Instructions - Download
Motocaddy S-Series Seat Instructions - Download
Motocaddy M-Series Manuals - Download
Motocaddy CONNECT Smart Display Instructions - Download
Motocaddy Lithium Battery Instructions Manual - Download


Powakaddy Sport - Download
Powakaddy Freeway II - Download
Powakaddy Robokaddy - Download
Powakaddy FW3s/FW5s/FW7s Owners Manual - Download
Powakaddy FW3s Instruction Manual - Download
Powakaddy FW5s Instruction Manual - Download
Powakaddy FW7s Instruction Manual - Download
Powakaddy Freeway Owners Manual - Download
Powakaddy Touch Owners Manual - Download
Powakaddy Battery Charger Instructions Manual - Download


SureShot PINLOC 5000 Lasers - Download


Stewart X3 - Download
Stewart X5 - Download
Stewart X7 - Download
Stewart X9 - Download
Stewart X9 Remote - Download

Upright Caddy Company

Upright Golf Caddy - Download

GOGOGolf Distribution

GOGO Caddy - Download

eMotion Golf Caddy

eMotion E2/E3 - Download


E-Wheels EW-72 Scooter - Download